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DLA renewal form 6 months in advance

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Woooozle100 Thu 15-Feb-07 16:20:59

Eeeek! Do they always do this? - there was me thinking I didn't have to worry about the DLA renewal till end of summer and a pack arrives today. Do they expect to get it back shortly or do I stick it in a drawer for a few months?

PeachyClairColouredRoses Thu 15-Feb-07 16:25:42

I would stick in a drawer tbh (unless someone says otherwise)- does it have a date on?

Woooozle100 Thu 15-Feb-07 16:33:59

Not sure about date on the form. The letter is dated. DD's DLA not due to run out till sometime sep 2007. I know it takes some time to fill in and get all the reports and so on but surely not that much. Aye - I'll stick it in a drawer for a bit. And make an effort to remember about it later on in the year (like when its no coat weather )

FioFio Thu 15-Feb-07 16:48:33

Message withdrawn

macwoozy Thu 15-Feb-07 16:55:50

I did the same, I literally just posted it in time, I did wonder though that if it arrived late it might be classed as a totally new claim. But that's typically me, totally disorganised, it might be worth dragging it out from the drawer a couple of months prior to sending, I couldn't believe how long it took me to fill it all out. Good luck ejb

FioFio Thu 15-Feb-07 16:57:02

Message withdrawn

KarenThirl Thu 15-Feb-07 17:14:07

The date they give you is when your current claim runs out. If you want your reviewed claim to run consecutively you will need to get it in early so that they can process it in time. However, if you do it too early it gives DWP the opportunity to refuse and then you'll have to go through the reconsideration and appeal processes. It's best to leave it till a couple of months before it's due to expire, so I've been told.

Just finished mine and posted it this morning (registered, natch) to make the mid-April deadline. I've only been working on it since October...

coppertop Thu 15-Feb-07 18:20:08

Ds1's runs out in April 2007 and the claim pack arrived in October 2006. I panicked a bit because they sent me a reminder letter a few weeks later. I posted it just before Christmas and got the decision a few weeks ago so I'd say you've got loads of time left yet.

lazymoo Fri 23-Feb-07 00:36:02

Just don't forget to photocopy it for future reference.

Stiller Fri 23-Feb-07 01:05:50

Oh, there's nothing quite like DLA forms to ruin your day. If it was me I'd try to get it out of the way as quickly as possible but not send it off until I had to, incase they reduce your/DC's level of entitlement IYKWIM. If I left it in a drawer I'd either never stop thinking about it and dreading filling it out, or I'd forget about it completely.

Woooozle100 Fri 23-Feb-07 13:33:22

ooh thankyou all.

had forgot about it already

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