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13 year old ADHD or not?

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user1480344038 Mon 28-Nov-16 15:02:38

Hi Im new here,I will make this as short as possible but just wanting opinions please.My daughter has temper tantrums for no reason what so ever and nothing I say or do will calm her.She gets petrified in new situations,she is very disruptive in school and is constantly on report.She will only have her hair done a certain way by me every morning and night before bed.She loses things, she wont do homework.Taking her to doctors today as she blurted out to me the other day that she thinks she has ADHD ( i have been wondering) so the question is do you think it sounds likely and also would I recieve DLA to help with all my payments i have to keep her going to swimming and dance classes which help her alot with her temper .Thanks in advance.Just to say my daughter has been like this since age 3 she has been hard to handle and awkward socially.She is 13 now.

PointlessUsername Tue 29-Nov-16 12:56:04

How did it go with the GP?.

Have the school ever had dd seen by a Educational psychologist?

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