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2e child with dyslexia to act or not

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Purpledolphin2 Sun 27-Nov-16 12:12:23

My dyslexic dd is in year 7 and doing very well except for oral contributions and `careless` mistakes in maths and some other subjects. She was diagnosed with dyslexia between year 2 and 3, having a very high verbal reasoning score and very low processing speed. My question is should I be proactive with the school or is a watchful wait approach better? She still has significant difficulties with time telling on an analogue clock [ se is getting a digital watch for Christmas ] and can be forgetful but is managing by asking friends and writing reminders often on her hands! And any psychologists out there is it possible that her processing speed has caught up? Many thanks.

zzzzz Sun 27-Nov-16 21:08:38

I'm not sure what the two options you are suggesting entail?

What does "being proactive" involve?

What does she "watchful waiting" achieve?

What ARE the difficulties you are trying to remedy?

Purpledolphin2 Mon 28-Nov-16 07:43:08

Hi zzzzz thanks for your reply, I am trying / hoping to prevent dd`s teachers labelling her as lazy or careless...... as in a few subjects she has answered the easy questions that are recall and short term memory dependent less well or incorrectly then answered the hard analysis problem solving dependent questions really well, and I want her teachers to understand that problem solving is easier than rapid recall. I also suspect that along with confidence this may be the issue with oral discussion. My options are to email the school and explain this or to wait until it begins to be a real issue [ if it ever does] and then explain my dd`s difficulties.

zzzzz Mon 28-Nov-16 11:07:07

It would be REALLY unusual for a teacher not to see these issues but I think if you are worried she might be struggling then it's not rude or intrusive to tell staff what you think. Choosing the easier option is very human but also paints a picture for teachers of a child's natural strengths. I would be surprised if "lazy" was the first cause they thought of.

Purpledolphin2 Mon 28-Nov-16 22:22:12

I maybe projecting, from my own experience of school as I was told I was careless and lazy for making silly mistakes due to the same issues as my dd .....but then a lot has changed in the 30 plus years since Was at school!

youarenotkiddingme Tue 29-Nov-16 18:56:37

I can only tell you from my experience but when Ds was year 6 and put in for level 6 maths paper his teacher couldn't understand why Ds hasn't learnt his timetables and wanted me to work on them with him.

I said I certainly would but she needed to be aware he was working on number bonds to 10 until end of year 3 and had been working on times tables for years - he just has difficulty due to his processing to remember and recall such information. I said he'd always been exceeding maths targets but had these deficits we'd never overcome.

She was great - laughed and said it clearly didn't affect his ability to complete tasks but possibly slowed him down and it would be great if I could continue inout with them but now she had that information she'd certainly put less pressure on him to be able to do the tasks in oral maths - she even said she felt a bit bad as a few times she'd accused him of not concentrating as he couldn't do it.

zzzzz Wed 30-Nov-16 10:46:18

(As an aside you DS (and I wink) have exactly the same tines table blindness and an app called PopMaths played for about 10 mins a day really helps without making you want to scream.)

youarenotkiddingme Wed 30-Nov-16 22:40:08

Thanks zzzzz I'll look into that one. I've being doing a lot off iPad app stuff with Ds as you always advocate it - and it's helping him learn to retain information even if his recall is still dodgy to say the least grin

Purpledolphin2 Thu 01-Dec-16 07:18:23

I think I do have to email .... even if its just about her time telling on an analogue clock because its now affecting her French...... she just gets really confused when you say 5 to, 10 to or anything to ...... I really shouldn't be surprised though I remember missing things at uni by turning up at quarter to and vice versa in the days before mobile phone lol. The Times table AP sounds great does it work on android?

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