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First Meeting with Ed Psych/School Nurse/Head

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piemistress Thu 24-Nov-16 08:34:43

Hi All,

I posted this elsewhere on the site a few days ago but this page seems to be a bit busier - just incase anyone has any advice (thanks backforgood for posting).

We've had a few concerns about DS since the beginning of the year - primarily around him humming/flapping his hands at random times in the day (although he doesn't seem to do this at school) and how obsessed he becomes with whatever toy he is into at the time - it becomes all he can think/talk about (ie/ Lego or Transformers etc). At parent's night in the Spring the school expressed concerns about his inability to pay attention and stay on task in the classroom and it might be worth getting the Ed Psych involved. They gave him a fiddle toy which seemed to help. I chased this up a few weeks later and was advised it would be next term (new school year - Autumn) when this would happen. Roll on this month and we finally have a meeting scheduled for a couple of week's time.

He is the youngest in his class, December birthday (Scotland).

It has come to light that there are few other 'issues' involved with DS at school. He is a daydreamer, has no social group/friends (and doesn't seem bothered by this), is falling behind as struggles to stay focused, seems to have issues with appropriate social behaviours (asking if people would like a hug for example - this could make him vunerable). They have also said he is not disruptive and is a kind, endearing, intelligent boy with great vocabulary and potential which isn't being fulfilled due to his lack of focus. They want to ensure he doesn't fall further behind. He doesn't have any issues with new situations/sleeping/going out of routine/clothing/meeting people/having conversations etc but doesn't like hand dryers in public toilets!

I was just wondering if anyone had ideas as to what might possibly be brought up at the meeting with Ed Psych, teacher and school nurse? I have been looking at ASD and what they have said seems to cross over a few different 'diagnosis'.

Many Thanks

BackforGood Thu 24-Nov-16 21:55:10

smile You're welcome.

Just bumping for you, from the 'unanswered messages' page.

Ineedmorepatience Thu 24-Nov-16 23:41:30

Hi pie its really common for children to have a mixture of issues that don't fit precisely into one catagory for assessment and diagnosis purposes!

I think you need poltergoose, I am sure she has a book that she recommends,it might be called Sydromes in the mix or something similar.

Neurodivergent is quite a good word to describe it smile

FrayedHem Fri 25-Nov-16 09:09:26

How old is DS? I'm not familiar with the Scottish education system, but the school sound brilliant in their approach. Hopefully the Ed Psych will get to observe and assess DS and give the school (and you) some specific strategies. Not sure about the school nurse; perhaps able to help with getting a Paediatric referral.

Do take your own notes as even with a supportive school, it is best to keep in control so you're clear as to who is to do what and when.

I think as well as a Paediatric assessment it would be worth seeing if the school will support a Speech and Language referral. And also worth getting a hearing test (probably via your GP).

Good luck, I hope the meeting goes well.

Piemistress Fri 25-Nov-16 10:51:21

Thank you all for your posts and kind words.

DS will be 7 in December (Scotland P3). He keeps asking why he is the only one that is still 6 in his class sad

We had his hearing checked (twice) earlier this year when his P2 teacher mentioned his attention issues, and they both came back fine. I've started a folder to keep all letters and notes in so that I can just grab one file for any meetings (great tip - thanks!).

At parent's night in mid October the teacher advised that the Ed Psych had observed DS and was taking a 'watch and wait' approach for the time being. However things must have become worse since then as we have been invited for a 'consultation' next Tuesday 6th.

FrayedHem - sorry if this sounds ignorant, what would a Speech and Language referral be for (apart from the obvious - we haven't noticed any issues with this or is it more for his understanding/processing of language)?

I have no idea what I'm hoping/expecting the outcome of the meeting to be education wise? Will they be able to offer more PSA time to him, or will that not happen without an official 'diagnosis'. They said that sometimes the quieter ones get missed because they don't disrupt the class/cause attention so I'm glad they have made him a 'priority'.

Thanks again flowers

FrayedHem Fri 25-Nov-16 11:23:55

Yes a S&L referral to assess his use and understanding of language and what the school can do to support him. Also they can give input on the social side e.g. help put together social stories for the stranger hugging. And if ASD is a possibility, having a SALT referral/assessment in hand can be helpful. As the school are really focused on DS, now is the best time to make the referrals as school support makes the process much easier.

Hopefully someone with Scottish education will post, but it's normally a case of identifying SEN means the school must support and a dx can be helpful to call in specific services (e.g. Autism Outreach) but no dx shouldn't be used as an excuse not to help.

Theonlyoneiknow Fri 25-Nov-16 12:08:22

Thank you FrayedHem flowers

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