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DS has come off his meds and it's a real problem in school

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bookeatingboy Tue 22-Nov-16 20:06:32

DS 8.5 ASD & ADHD, he's been on Equasym XL since he was 7. We took the decision essentially because his hyperactivity and impulsiveness were proving a real barrier to him fulfilling his potential. He was a safety risk to both himself and those around him.

The change has been significant in school. He's gone from needing 1-2-1 support to working independently in class with support as and when he requires. It really has been life changing for him.

However, for the last 8 months he has been telling us his heart hurts, the upshot is that the paediatrician decided to take him off his meds around a month ago. Clearly we need to find out what's going on since he's still complaining "his heart hurts". He's had an ECG which came back ok.

I think we'd all forgotten how different he is off his meds! All of that hyperactivity and impulsiveness has returned with a vengeance, only they seem much worse than I can remember. Things at school are not good and frankly he's being treated like a naughty boy, being shouted at and sent out of class.

I get that his constant noises and movement are a disruption but I'm at a loss at what to do. He is becoming more and more angry because he's not happy at school. I know that I need to insist of more 1-2-1 support for him in school but also know he will hate this at the same time.

I just feel devastated for him because he's aware how different he is off his medication and is becoming very depressed and anxious.

I don't know what I'm asking for really... just needed to get it out.

zzzzz Tue 22-Nov-16 21:10:00

Contact the paediatrician and see if he can go back on a reduced dose or something else. Poor lad. Mine is helped enormously by a large dose of caffeine (builders tea) in the morning, but is milder anyway. Tell him he is not alone and tell the school to get their act in geer and stop making a hard and unfair situation worse for him.

You all sound like you need a big hug.

bookeatingboy Tue 22-Nov-16 21:29:14

Thank zzzzz

I've emailed the paediatrician today, but she's already insinuated that she's reluctant to put him back on his meds, but I'm really hoping I can convince her otherwise.

I never had any regression when he was younger, but now know exactly how awful it must feel to see your child regress in front of your eyes. What's worse is that he can see it too and it's almost too much for him!

He's begged me tonight not to send him to school tomorrow sad So I think I'll keep him off for a couple of days and we can just have some fun at home and forget about school for a couple of days, give me some breathing space too to think about how I tackle things with school angry

Msqueen33 Wed 23-Nov-16 06:18:32

Oh bless him. My dh forgot to medicate our dd one morning. Her hyperactivity and the rest of her symptoms came back and they were much worse. Could you look at maybe another med? I'd also maybe keep him off a few days and let him relax. If he continues to go and feels depressed that'll obviously make it a lot harder on him.

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