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I've lost trust in my DC's social worker

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lottieandmia Mon 21-Nov-16 18:32:31

Bear with me, this might be a long post.

Basically my DC has severe autism and challenging behaviours. Recently I managed to get the LA to agree to fund a placement for her at a specialist school for children with autism. She now gets daily input from a lots of professionals on a daily basis and is getting a lot of help at school. She has started learning again and things are generally going well but she gets anxious and will lash out because she overloads very quickly.

Recently I took my other two DC on holiday for a week and left my dd with her dad. We had arranged for the taxi company to pick her up from his house for that week. Whilst I was on holiday I got an email from her school asking for the name of her social worker so I emailed back these details to the school. When we returned from the holiday I was horrified to find that my dd had significant bruising on the top of both of her arms which loooked like it had been caused by physical restraint. To cut a long story short, the social worker and I both agreed that this bruising had been caused by the taxi escort, who was not trained to use restraints and did not understand my daughter or her needs. I witnessed her standing on my daughter's foot on the first day she picked her up after the holiday. This escort has admitted to restraining her in the taxi. The social worker advised me that dd wasn't safe with this escort and that we should try to find another arrangement.

After this, SS and the LA started arguing about whose responsibility it was to pay for this and the social worker eventually came back to me and said 'sorry my line manager has said that we don't have the money to fund another taxi for dd so you will have to stick with the taxi service we currently have.' So she completely went back on what she had said. I ended up agreed to take her myself and for the LA to give me a travel allowance and dd was then much better in the car.

A week or so later, dd's social worker contacted me to say that school had reported more bruises to dd. She has a long history of SIB and she does tend to bang around. She had a few minor looking bruises underneath her forearm and her SW said that because this was the second incidence of bruising (bear in mind I could not have been responsible for the first ones) that they were going to do a section 47 assessment. She said that dd would have to undergo a medical with a specialist paediatrician. At the appointment the doctor snappily remarked that dd's bruises were non specific, were not consistent with finger print bruises and suggested SS had wasted her time.

So, fast forward to the section 47 assessment which I received last week. The conclusion in the assessment was that there was no evidence that the bruising was anything to do with parenting and that there would not need to be a child protection conference.

However, when I read the report it made me angry. The SW had gone behind my back and phoned my GP to ask for my medical records. She did not tell me she was going to do this. I have had various mental health issues but I'm currently stable. In the past, I've been wrongly diagnosed with both bipolar and borderline personality disorder. The last psychiatrist I saw said I don't have either of these conditions. My GP and I talked about the possibility that I'm on the spectrum, which both my mum and I feel fits me. And she did refer me but I haven't heard anything yet. She said it would take a long time, In this report the social worker wrote that I have borderline personality disorder and also made a personal comment about me which had something to do with one of my dd's doctors saying I speak very quickly. angry

Nobody has ever told me I have BPD. So if they did think I have it, was it not irresponsible of them to simply discharge me and not mention it?!! I also feel that if the taxi escort hadn't hurt my daughter in the first place (which is still being investigated by the police) then SS wouldn't have even had reason to think a section 47 assessment was needed.

I now feel that I don't trust this SW at all because she goes back on what she says and also sneaks around behind my back and makes personal comments about it. I told her straight that I am not happy about it and she looked uncomfortable. I thought these people were supposed to make our lives easier, not harder?!

What would you do now?

lottieandmia Mon 21-Nov-16 18:33:03

Omg, sorry that is so long.

zzzzz Mon 21-Nov-16 19:31:10

I'd write to your GP asking why the social worker has said you have BPD and if this is a formal diagnosis. wink which you know it isn't.
The GP will then deal with the social worker or clarify your status.

It's the SW job to do all the rest and while horrid for you it is nice to have in writing that you didn't hurt dd. It might help dealing with escort.

lottieandmia Mon 21-Nov-16 21:22:06

Yes the escort is still being investigated by the police. I'm just annoyed about the personal comments in the report.

zzzzz Mon 21-Nov-16 22:00:41

Well if you querie the dx that should be removed with an apology but the rest of it IS necessary for safeguarding. If it helps some of the asides in our reports are quite inappropriate and unnecessary, it really isn't helpful but try not to dwell on it.

Some of the stuff surrounding disability is very hard to bear. flowersbrew

lottieandmia Mon 21-Nov-16 22:37:35

Ok, I'll try not to take in personally smile

Frusso Wed 23-Nov-16 08:21:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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