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SNAP childcare

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Yush30 Wed 16-Nov-16 16:07:28

Hi, we are after a qualified nanny with experience of special needs and (ABA if possible, otherwise, training to be provided). can anyone please recommend a good agency.

Has anyone used SNAP - their fees are very very high - how good are they?

WellTidy Wed 16-Nov-16 20:41:54

We used them a few months ago and they were fantastic. We were in a very similar position to you, we needed a nanny for our NT son and ASD son, who would also do ABA tutoring for DS2 and help with homework for DS1 and do all nannying things too.

We were given three candidates within about three weeks. They were all very strong indeed. We offered the job to one candidate but would have offered it to the second candidate of the first had turned it down, the third candidate was ok but not a patch on the other two.the first two had no ABA experience, the third did.

Three months down the line and I think our nanny is absolutely superb. She couldn't be any better.

Money well spent imo.

Yush30 Thu 17-Nov-16 12:25:42

WellTidy - hi, thanks for message- any chance i could inbox you please>

drinkyourmilk Thu 17-Nov-16 12:29:07

I used to be a nanny and was placed by snap on a couple of occasions. Both placements lasted for 5 years. Fees are steep- but sen nannies are paid no more than regular nannies.
Sometimes you do get sen nannies with other agencies (I registered with eden and st james), but if you only wanted specialist nannies then unfortunately I think they hold the market.

WellTidy Thu 17-Nov-16 15:31:21

Yes of course.

WellTidy Thu 17-Nov-16 15:38:04

Sen nannies placed by SNAP are paid at well above the rates of nannies of NT children. SNAP require nannies (not live in) in London to be paid between £14 and £16 per hour gross, in Greater London between £13.50 and £15.50 and in the Home Counties and south east between £13 and £13. Hourly rate to be £11 to £13 in all other areas.the wages they require their nannies to be paid are on their website.

I live in Greater London. Nannies near me caring for NT children are not paid between £13 and £15 per hour. They're all on about £11-12. I know this as I had a nanny for my NT DS1 and our nanny at the time had lots of nanny friends, some of whom I still hear from. Our nanny for Ds1 and ASD ds2 came via snap and she is brilliant, and I think she absolutely earns and deserves her £14.50 per hour. But her rate is definitely higher as a result of us finding her through SNAP.

Yush30 Thu 17-Nov-16 16:14:04

How do i inbox you

WellTidy Sat 19-Nov-16 17:39:18

I don't know, sorry. The message poster button has disappeared. If you're comfortable with posting on this thread, I will keep checking it. I don't know what else to suggest, sorry.

WellTidy Tue 22-Nov-16 12:36:31

Op, the message poster button is back, so please PM me if you'd like to.

drinkyourmilk Tue 22-Nov-16 21:28:06

Well tidy- I was paid market rate. Qualified, experienced (over 15 years sen positions- all long term), excellent references and extra training when needed. I got my last position through them 6 years ago and left 2 years ago. I feel a bit glum I wasn't paid more!

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