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Residential School Trip

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MuddlingThru Tue 15-Nov-16 09:49:31

DS has CP and an EHCP for 20 hours support (been in place since he started school). He is a little wobbly on his legs but fully participates in PE. Moderately delayed and disordered SALT. Needs nudging to maintain his focus.

He is currently yr3. School are planning a 2 night residential Oct of Yr 4 and have recently done a parents info evening. I approached the teacher who is organising it and flagged up that DS has LSA support in school and asked what the situation would be for him on the residential. He said 'That's a good question. I'll have to get back to you'.

When DS started school they were slow to meet all their responsibilities until I stamped my feet, quoted the Education Act and the Disability Act and made clear what my expectations were and that they needed to put it in writing if they would have any trouble meeting these. After that they have been fine.

However I have a sense that if they feel that they can get away with something they will try it on but that if a parent pushes back then they step up.

So what I would like to understand is whether legally they have to provide any additional support needed for DS to be able to access the residential. Eg if they felt that he/they would benefit from additional LSA support do they have to fund it? If his regular LSA isn't able to work the additional hours would they need to find an alternative LSA who could provide that cover? What is DS entitled to? What is good practice?

DS statement hours allow his LSA to pre-teach some of the vocabulary and concepts and then also reinforce them. She would still be able to do this on the school trip. Clearly with 20 hours there are times in the normal school day when he has the same level of supervision as any other child in the school.

DS has been on a couple of Beaver camps with no additional support.

If they needed me to attend I could do so but I feel that one of the elements of a school residential is that is done independently. For me to be there would take away that element.

Any advice gratefully received.


lougle Tue 15-Nov-16 15:03:51

This is the NUT guidance for teachers on arranging school trips. It tells them that they must include all children if at all possible.

You might want to ask your LA?

MuddlingThru Tue 15-Nov-16 21:19:44

Thank you Lougle. I think the following will be useful:

Adequate levels of supervision and staffing ratios must be established for the journey based on such factors as the sex, age and ability of the children, the presence of pupils with special educational needs, the nature/length of the journey, the nature of activities to be undertaken and the experience and competence of the staff involved.

Every effort should be made to make school journeys accessible to all who wish to participate, irrespective of disability, special educational needs or medical needs. Teachers should be aware of the need to make ‘reasonable adjustments’ to enable the participation of disabled pupils.

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