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Speech Therapy

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FHSmum Wed 09-Nov-16 07:12:35

My 14 yr old dd has some speech and language issues (she has a rare genetic condition), she is statemented and goung through transition to EHC plan. She was discharged from SLT in yr 6 despite being on the 1st centile for expressive and receptive language (NHS SLT said figures were in line with general intelligence.) I asked for an NHS assessment again as she is experiencing anxiety in school and not understanding some lessons, but was told it would take too long. I have also been asking for her to be assessed for ASD since she was at primary school but the pead told me she didn't need assessing as she "already had her genetic diagnosis".
I also have a son with Aspergers and SPD, and last year I too got a diagnosis of Aspergers. But was still refused assessment for my daughter. So I asked Margo Sharp to assess her for her speech and also ASD. Margo did a really thorough report, said she had SLI and low average intelligence, but my LA won't put her recommendations in the EHC plan. Margo did say my daughter is on the spectrum but I am struggling getting the pead to even answer my e mails asking if she can be either reassessed under NHS, or the reports go to panel. (School agree with the diagnosis btw). And the NHS speech therapist is saying in her opinion my dd hasn't got SLI, and disagreeing with the recommendations in the report. My dd scored on the 2nd centile for expressive / receptive language in this assessment. In my dd's EP report she also scores v.low on attention, processing and working memory and the NHS speech therapist is saying that's where her problems lie, rather than with speech. Is there anything I can do to get this report accepted, my dd's transition to EHC plan started on 22/11/15 so nearly a year ago now she is in yr 10 and it is taking forever. Thank you

zzzzz Wed 09-Nov-16 11:13:55

What are you hoping to achieve with the dx of ASD if she met the criteria?

madelynmum Wed 09-Nov-16 12:07:59

Oh I so feel for you here. I have 2 children with autism one with a statement and 1 with a ehcp.
There is no funding for salt they seem to want to get children off their books!
I'm pretty sure if you could get that she needs salt on her ehcp then she would have to be seen by them! I'm not sure how you can do that with out already being under them!
Could you afford private salt report to put in the ehcp?
With the autism diagnosis if you can't get it could you single out her autism traits that you want help with and put them on the ehcp? So if she struggles socially get that on there so the problems separate?
Also have you seen a occupational therapist. My daughter was 3 when diagnosed but having proof that she had sensory processing difficulties from the ot totally helped!

FHSmum Thu 10-Nov-16 11:21:53

Thanks for your replies 😊
Zzzzz my dd is in mainstream school, school agree with me and would support a diagnosis. I did want her to go to a special school as she is struggling with the large class numbers and also understanding some of the work, even with shared support. I am also concerned that when she goes to college they won't take into account her needs because she hasn't got the diagnosis on her EHC plan.
Madelynmum, Margo Sharp is a private speech therapist, that is my problem, the NHS speech therapist is disagreeing with what Margo says, and the LEA are going to listen to her. In our area the NHS don't do sensory assessments, they are not trained. I had to pay to get a private sensory assessment in 2014 for my son, the OT said he had sensory processing disorder, but the LEA refused to fund any therapy because it wasn't available on the NHS and school were very hit and miss on the understanding.

zzzzz Thu 10-Nov-16 12:55:59

The ehc should list her needs regardless of dx, you can have it adjusted at annual review and that should go with her to college. You can ask for move to SS at review too but I would find be the one you want first as in many areas there isn't much for academically able but vulnerable children so you may find where she is with better support works better.

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