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Urgent advice Newcastle school for boys ASD provision

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gubbygubby Tue 08-Nov-16 06:42:30

My son is year six and awaiting an ASD assessment. The local comp Heaton Manor is 2000 pupils and terrifies me for DS who who will be a target. I've had 3 there already so know.
I'm considering NSB as it is non selective and small

Does anyone have any advice? We aren't rich and would be scraping the money together . DS meltdowns are getting worse and school stresses him very much. He was like a different boy in the summer holidays and now is worse than ever.
I understand that SEN provision is not good in private schools so need to choose carefully.

I suspect he has a ADHD / mild Tourette's too, although I wonder if his tics are part of ASD . Do anyone have kids with motor / vocal tics that are ASD rather than Tourette's ?

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