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CAMHS think DS has AS. What happens now?

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AwaywiththePixies27 Mon 07-Nov-16 13:47:52

Long history with DS that I'll go into another time. But an umpteenth referral back to CAMHS. He saw a fabulous worker over half term who was brilliant with him. DS is almost 8. But now thinks X is the best thing ever as he brought a massive piece of paper and crayons for him to draw on whilst talking to him.
X rang me the next day to say DS is definitely behind developmentally, that he doesn't present as a typical 7/8yo and a lot of his mannerisms raised red flags for Autism/AS. X told me that they can't physically dx DS but can refer on to the right services. CAMHs worker has already spoken to the school and are coming in to observe DS this week. Also informed me that they will be contacting DSs Paeditrician to raise their concerns and SALT have been asked to come back in again. Last time we saw his Paed, they were still convinced they were nothing there but gave me the asd firms to fill in anyway and kept saying "I have always been of the opinion that DS is significantly delayed developmentally". confused

Does anyone know what happens now? As to what the next steps are or do I just wait until we see the Paed again?

MeirAya Tue 08-Nov-16 01:40:30

Depends on your area. It's usually a multidisciplinary assessment (team varies - maybe one Dr, one therapist, one psychology type person) plus a structured formal assessment of some sort. Commonest ones are ADOS, ADI-R, DISCO, 3Di

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