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Child trust funds and special needs

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Jan15iP Sun 06-Nov-16 19:35:32

I have a child trust fund for my child who has a severe learning difficulty. Currently I'm paying £10 a month into it. He will never be in a position to make decisions about the money yet it is in his name and this can't be changed because of the way these accounts work. It's just occurred to me that because it's in his name I may not be able to access it when he turns 18. My friend says she was advised to just stop paying into the fund as if her son has this amount of money in his name he won't get benefits when he is older. Any advice from special needs mummies out there?

zzzzz Mon 07-Nov-16 07:29:57

Presumably when he turns eighteen you will control his finances if he is not capable. If he is capable he can do what he likes with it.
It's a very important topic to discuss though for those of us who's children won't be competent and for those who might be. I'd love HQ to follow up on their excellent last guest post on this and other issues surrounding the adult child and how best to safeguard them.

What issues do the rest of you worry about when thinking of the future?

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