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FOI re criteria for school place: worth doing?

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TigerBreadAddict Tue 01-Nov-16 12:52:09

Considering an enhanced provision place within a MS high school for DS (Y5) when he goes to high school.
He could go to the same school MS with support in EHCP, or they have an enhanced provision 'unit' .
Council simply say placement in the enhanced provision is decided by panel on basis of how many applicants / places available (ie no mention of need) There are 10 places across the school, but I happen to know there are 11 children in the enhanced provisoin currently.
So, with an eye to the future, is it worth do you think doing an FOI request to ask them to send the criteria or scoring system they use to allocate places? Then at his end of year we review we can make sure appropriate difficulties are documented ie preparing to appeal before we even apply grin

Never done an FOI request and want to make sure I request the right thing, anyone any suggestions or similar experiences?

TigerBreadAddict Tue 01-Nov-16 13:45:58

I've had a go at drafting a request, I would be grateful for any thoughts. Many thanks.

Please can you tell me the criteria used to allocate places at x school enhanced autism provision?

Please tell me:

- how the panel that allocates children to these places is composed ie the number of people on the panel and their job roles

- whether there are key criteria which must be met for a place to be allocated, if so what these criteria are

- whether they use a standardised scoring sytem of determining individual children's needs, if so
- the scoring system used by the panel ie if points are awarded for certain areas of difficulty, what those areas are and how many points are awarded in each category for each level of difficulty
- the range of the scores of the children who have been awarded places in the last 5 years eg 26-35
- any proformas or mark sheets used in the assessment of need

-if no standardised scoring system is used, how the children who are allocated places are decided upon.

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