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Seven year old Sa very low self esteem

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Crazyhorse123 Sun 30-Oct-16 03:10:12

My son has always been very sensitive and emotional. He can be fun loving and outgoing at home but is quite withdrawn at school, does not like parties, loud noises, new foods, labels in clothes etc.
His hand writing is quite large and he reverses letters and his year 2 teacher suggested an assessment for dyslexia. It came back fine and she did not pick anything else up.
I was given info by a friend on sensitive children which I'm reading and fits his behaviour.
But tonight when putting him to bed he launches into a very self deprecating speech about how rubbish he thinks he is at everything and that he feels he should not have been made as he is not perfect.
His dad and I were quite shocked by this and tried to reassure him of how fabulous he is and let him know we are not perfect and it is not something anyone expects.
I worry about his self esteem. His school is very over achieving and I think there is too much pressure but as he has two siblings one of which has just started there moving him would be hard he also says he does not want to.
He feels that he does not get enough attention from us and he is probably right as have been sleep training his one year old sister and his 4 year old brother is b demanding.
There is a school counsellor but I've been told she is for bereavement and divorce etc.
Don't want him to feel labelled or singled out but really worries about his internal world and self esteem. What should I do?

GreenishMe Sun 30-Oct-16 09:16:35

OP, do you think he might be getting bullied at school.....being told he's "rubbish at everything"?

Also, who's told you the school counsellor is only for bereavement and divorce? That sounds unlikely - worth checking at any rate.

My feeling is that the school is playing some part at least in your son's unhappiness.....I'd start there. flowers

Crazyhorse123 Sun 30-Oct-16 12:40:00

Hi I have asked him and he denies being bullied but yes I am going to the school tomorrow to get some action

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