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Holidays with SN recommendations?

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MrsSam Sat 29-Oct-16 22:22:17

This year we went to Florida and had a fab time at Disney, universal and sea world. Having said that, it was very hard work, we wouldn't have been able to go had it not been for my mother and our older boys. The crowds were really too much for DS3 and my elder boys spent a lot of time protecting him from being overwhelmed in the crowd which effected their holiday even though they didn't once complain. DD1 also had a tough time and at one point was lost for 30+minutes because she had left a shop by a different door, the list could go on. We flew with Thomson and we flew premium economy for extra space and smaller cabin, our thinking that DS3 would be lea likely to melt down and there would be room to deal with a seizure if DS3 or DS4 needed it. As it was DS3 had to watch videos of the Thomson airplane for months to get him prepared for the flight. The cabin crew were faultless and made every effort to make sure all the children's SN were catered for BUT the travel agent hadn't passed on any information about the SN at all so during our 3 and a half hour delay at the airport we had no consideration given to the SN and it was horrendous! I won't go in to detail but to say it was stiflingly hot at the gate, we boarded then had to get off and the acoustics at the gate were less than ideal and information wasn't forthcoming - as you can imagine, DS1 was beside himself and we were really worried DS4 was going to have a seizure.

Anyway, Disney itself was amazing and despite the issues it's the only place DS1 has really truly enjoyed, he talks about meeting doc mcstuffins (DS1 is 13 but his interests are more in line with nursery age) constantly and wants to go back. We really want to take him and intend to go in 2018, but will want to take them out of school to do so so as not to have the same crowds (I know its never quiet, just a bit) I don't want to fly Thomson again. We are considering flying BA business but wonder if anyone has had any good experiences with any airline in particular?

MrsSam Sat 29-Oct-16 22:24:08

I should add, this was our first family holiday as we couldn't have coped before.

zzzzz Sat 29-Oct-16 22:40:44

Are you asking for airline recommendations or alternative holiday destinations?

MrsSam Sun 30-Oct-16 00:11:39

Sorry, should have been specific, airline recommendations please

zzzzz Sun 30-Oct-16 00:33:01

I think our most unhelpful has been American Airlines. It sounds like your problem is more with the travel agent than the airline though??? Would it be easier to book direct and talk directly to the airline?

MrsSam Sun 30-Oct-16 09:33:00

It would be and it is the agent that is the problem, but the agent was Thomson also and getting hold of the numbers to talk to anyone other than the high street shop was unbelievably difficult. Flight wise I wouldn't hesitate to take a flight with them but they weren't able to get the right meals on board for DD2s allergies and DS3 needed a child's meal and they didn't get one on board. The flight crews hands were tied.

Thank you for saying about American Airlines, they were on the list of possibles.

zzzzz Sun 30-Oct-16 10:13:43

I find it easiest (and cheaper) to book direct with airlines. We haven't been eastward for several years as we find the Far East SO much more welcoming and accepting, But have found BA, Turkish, and Emirates all genuinely keen to help.

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