Struggling with sixth form

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Whatnext123 Sat 22-Oct-16 17:37:33

Name changed
Hi ds 16 seems to be struggling . We just had his first report and basically he is not putting the effort in. He has nystagmus and a mild visual impairment. He also has a lot of symptoms of ADHD. (Brother has asc) poor impulse control. Fidgets a lot. Difficulty getting to sleep. But not hyperactive.
He was screened for dyslexia a few years back and we were told definitely not.
He doesn't have any kind of learning support other than sitting at the front.
Any ideas

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BackforGood Sun 23-Oct-16 00:09:07

It is widely thought that the 'jump' from GCSEs to A Levels is massive. The biggest jump anywhere, however high they move on academically. Lots of students who have cruised through GCSEs on natural intelligence fall down in the first year of 6th form.

If he has nystagmus and a mild visual impairment, then what support does he get from the VI team in your authority? If it impacts on his access to education then they should be involved.

Re the ADHD side - if he's not got a diagnosis by the time he's got to 16, it might be more difficult to get support, but it would be sensible to make an appointment with the SENCo to see what adjustments they are willing to make.

Whatnext123 Sun 23-Oct-16 08:49:26

Thanks for replying. I think he has always cruised through on natural intelligence.
With regard To VI he has one visit a term from the qtvi which is purely advisory but no input from the school learning support team for years. I just looked up who it is as the person we dealt with retired.
He is a reluctant reader finds it tiring. I am guessing he is finding note taking hard and following at a faster pace. We need a big chat over half term then get in touch with senco and head of year when the go back after half term.

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user1471464167 Tue 25-Oct-16 17:54:43

Our youngest son has nystagmus. He found that there was a lot more reading involved in the sixth form and he needed more adaptions. So began to read all his work in 22 font downloading articles/books etc and asking for power points to be emailed to him Although he can read a few lines of 16/18 font his eyes got very tired and wobbled more.
When he went to uni he had a really good assessment for his disabled students allowance and was given some amazing technology that enabled him to tape lectures and then convert the tape to large print on his lap top.
It was around sixth form he became more confident in saying to his friends he had a visual impairment and that he found being in dark pubs /parties hard work as he couldn't see them that well as there was such poor lighting.
Since leaving uni he has been in a job that requires quite a lot of research and reading speadsheets . On days when he has read a lot his eyes are very tired by about 8 and he finds it hard to watch tv or use his laptop.
There is so much adaptive technology available. Our son uses the speech software on his I phone for texting and also for directions.etc
He knows he could use speech software more often for work but seems reluctant to do so.

On a practical note does your son get DLA for mobility? Our son got fruratrated that he could not see well enough to drive or cycle. However he now uses his DLA money for UBER if he can't get somewhere by public transport.
Hope this helps

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