Mainstream primary in the Bromley area that welcomes children with ASD

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WellTidy Fri 14-Oct-16 22:47:18

DS2 has diagnosed ASD, developmental delay of 18 months on average, and speech and language delay. He is 4.4 yo, and we've deferred his entry into reception on the basis of him being summer born, and simply not ready. So I'm looking for a place for him for September 2017.

I think, I think I'd like him to go into mainstream for a couple of years to see how he does. He is not aggressive, no behaviour issues beyond his desire to control, but he is very gentle. He will need full time support, and he will need the same TA all the time, not one of a pool of TAs that the school can choose from each day/week. He has an EHCP at the moment, and it will be reviewed this winter with his needs at primary in mind. At the moment, he goes to pre school for three half days a week with one to one support, and we do ABA at home in the other weekday mornings and afternoons.

There are many, many primaries in the Bromley borough. I simply cannot get around them all. My dream would be for a school to be willing for his ta to be trained in ABA, or for him to do half days at school and release him for ABA at home in the afternoons, or to allow his ta to be suggested by us (and then we can put in place a ta with ABA training). I have more idea whether any of this is a remote possibility.

Is anyone able to suggest a Bromley primary that has welcomed a similar child to my DS please, and allowed the ABA type scenario I've described to happen?

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WellTidy Sun 16-Oct-16 21:44:02

Bumping in hope!

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