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First post - developmental delay advice

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fg87 Wed 12-Oct-16 22:08:53

Hi all, I haven't posted here before but hoping someone here might have some advice!

I'm pretty sure my lo has a global delay. No one has said it yet but as far as I can tell she is delayed in every area (not all to the same degree though). She sat up at 6/7 months but I don't think she's met a single milestone since. At 15 months she still doesn't weight bear. She only started babbling just after she turned 1 and still doesn't make any attempt to copy speech sounds. She doesn't seem to understand age appropriate toys eg. doesn't press buttons, doesn't stack, doesn't put things in.

She doesn't seem to have any issues on a social/emotional level. She's smiley, engaging, has a great sense of humour, loves being around other kids of all ages.

We were initially referred to a paediatrician when she was 8 months because of the lack of weight bearing, we've seen the paediatrician twice and she's focusing on the weight bearing but, considering her other delays, I think she needs to be looking at the whole picture.

Does anyone have any advice about what testing your children received and when? I want to know what to expect and ask for at our next appointment without being unreasonable!

Sorry for the long post, thanks in advance ☺

mumsnit Thu 13-Oct-16 13:52:25

Is it possible that the physical delays are preventing her from pressing buttons and doing other fine motor activity? Hard to tell but it sounds as though it's the physical issues that the paed is focused on rather than any learning difficulties at this stage.

Have you been referred to any other specialists e.g. SLT? Sometimes they are able to assess these things more closely as they can spend more time with your child to assess them closely than a paed.

fg87 Mon 24-Oct-16 10:53:34

Sorry it's taken me a while to get back to this.

We've had a couple of physio sessions (with a horrible physio) who couldn't find anything physically wrong.

At the paed's request we had a developmental review with the health visitor last week and she scored 0/60 in two of the areas (gross motor and communication). Her highest scoring area was fine motor at 20/60. On the back of this we've been referred to the therapy boost centre - I think this is an ongoing multi-disciplinary assessment centre where she'll be seen by various specialists who will try to decide what support she needs.

I also met with local SEND information and advice officer who thought I should be asked the paediatrician for a neurological investigation.

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