Secondary transition and EHCPs - how does this all work then?

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tartanterror Fri 14-Oct-16 20:48:06

Ooh thanks! That all makes sense now smile

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FrayedHem Fri 14-Oct-16 19:56:51

And someone on my EP thread told me about this website which is also very informative

FrayedHem Fri 14-Oct-16 19:55:02

I found this has helped me a bit

My LA did say I would hear about the panel's decision on the specialist placement we requested before the plan is issued in February, but I couldn't draw them on exactly when.

enterthedragon Fri 14-Oct-16 19:34:01

In our LA all annual reviews for children approaching a change of key stage must be completed by Feb 15th if the child is transitioning into juniors, secondary, college, for all other key stage changes the annual review must be completed by the end of March (this is to allow time for tribunal, if necessary). I would imagine that it will be the same for all LA's.

tartanterror Fri 14-Oct-16 19:03:44

Thanks Frayed that's really helpful - I can see it will have to be the same timing for different LAs - just after CAF but well before offer day in case the setting can't accept for some reason.

Zuleika thanks for the link - I don't think any of the sheets answer my post - but they have sorted some other questions so that was really handy smile

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ZuleikaDobson Thu 13-Oct-16 22:43:18

SOS SEN have some good advice sheets on their website -

FrayedHem Thu 13-Oct-16 21:44:43

I'm in the midst of my yr 6 DS1's statement being transferred to EHCP so can't fully answer your questions as I'm pretty confused myself. It was supposed to happen at the end of Yr5 Annual Review but the LA was so behind it was postponed.

From what I understand about my LA, they consider specialist placements at a panel in November. Because of the transfer balls-up, last week the LA case worker was ringing all YR6 parents to check their school choice to make sure panel had a full list. I'd already put my request for placement in writing.

The help your DS gets depends on his needs. What areas do you think DS needs support in? I would always recommend you apply as it's easier to appeal if necessary as a parent. It also means you are more in control of the process.

Definitely visit yourself and don't wait for the LA to suggest alternatives. Timing is important though, in Yr4 I thought DS1 would be fine at the local mainstream secondary, but now we'll probably go for home ed if he doesn't get into our preferred placement. If the LA says a school can meet his needs, then the school doesn't have much choice unless they can demonstrate that they can't meet his needs. I'm not sure I'd be ok with a resistant school tbh but it's a personal choice.

If you don't choose your nearest school, but opt for another mainstream, you may find your LA will agree it subject to you being responsible for the transport to and from. If you want transport, you'd have to make a case for why it has to be that school that can meet his needs.

My tips, gather all your evidence, get on the IPSEA website and don't get fobbed off


tartanterror Wed 12-Oct-16 21:44:42

We've been advised by a psychologist that we should apply for an EHCP particularly for secondary transfer (DS is Y3 with ASD diagnosis). I'd thought about applying for an EHCP even tho school said DS was too able to qualify for help.... but I've not given the secondary transfer much thought - obviously! I've tried to work out what happens from our LA website, but I can't find anything as usual the local offer is terrible.

From what I can tell it seems that if by then DS has an EHCP, we would express a preference for a school as part of the Year 6 EHCP review. If the school and LA accept our request, then the placement will be listed in DS' statement then the school have to accept him. Have I got this about right?

What sort of help might DS get? Is it worth doing? What sort of time of year does the review happen in relation to the normal school application process? In practice how easy is it to name a placement? Is it best to visit places and discuss admissions with the SENCO or do the LA do all that for us? Any tips?

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