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mumworrier Wed 12-Oct-16 17:12:25


My four year old started reception a month ago, we had his parents evening last night. His teacher says he is always distracted and needs constant reminders to stay on task, and to share/be kind to others (though he doesn't hit people).

She wants the SENCO to assess him in class, we said yes but honestly we don't know how we feel. We know he's harder work than some kids, is always on the go but sleeps well and is in her words fabulous at expressive language and maths/reading and in top groups.
His writing skills are poor.

I don't know what the SENCO will do about this, we've been worried for a while he may have an asd or adhd type condition. Has anyone's child been through a SENCO assessment and can tell me what help they can offer? sad

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BackforGood Wed 12-Oct-16 19:43:20

The SENCo is just another teacher in the school who has done some further training. she won't be able to diagnose anything, but might be able to suggest some strategies to the class teacher, or she may run (or direct a TA to run) groups to address the things he finds more difficult. So he might go out for 10mins a day to work on fine motor skills for example. Or she might recommend sitting on a large bean bag / inverted lap tray, to see if that helps with sensory feed back, and helps him not be so restless. She might recommend less sitting and more moving - more physical exercise or movements and less 'expecting' him to be able to sit still.

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