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: Learning Support Plans - for kids without EHCPs? (Title amended by MNHQ)

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Supertrooperloopthelooper Thu 06-Oct-16 07:27:10

Just that really. Do all schools use a form of IEP or Learning Support Plan?

Is there a legal requirement to do them?

Is anyone very knowledgable about this sudject?

Thanks star

Jasonandyawegunorts Thu 06-Oct-16 07:38:02

I think IEP is an American thing...
I'm assuming it's like an education health care plan?

Supertrooperloopthelooper Thu 06-Oct-16 11:03:13

Yes it is a learning support plan, just a different name.
What do most schools use?

Supertrooperloopthelooper Thu 06-Oct-16 11:05:30

EHCP is different. You don't have to get the council to agree to an IEP/LSP. It is the document that details the child's need, what support they need etc. It is for kids who can't get a statement because although they need support, according the the LEA, they aren't bad enoughhmm

Melawati Thu 06-Oct-16 11:42:37

IEPs are a way for a school to record needs/difficulties, support/intervention that will be put in place, targets for what that support or intervention should achieve and a time frame for getting there.
I don't think they are a legal requirement and have been called different things in different schools my DC have attended. But without a document like an IEP it's hard to apply for an EHCP, as the school needs to provide evidence that the child's needs go beyond what the school's resources can provide. And missed targets despite support on an IEP type document is evidence of this.

Supertrooperloopthelooper Thu 06-Oct-16 22:32:01

Thank you. We aren't intending to go for an ECHP. Have been told many times we won't get it. I just wondered if there had to be an official document for a child with SN

tartanterror Fri 07-Oct-16 22:09:22

I think that the law requires that children on "SEN Support" (what used to be called School Action or School Action Plus) have to keep records. This should cover the Assess-Plan-Do-Review which covers the support that the child gets in school - not covered by an EHCP. Our school calls the record an Individual Provision Maps but there is no official name in the Regs. The school should also arrange to meet you 3 times a year to discuss your DC if they are on the SEN Register at school - 2 of those could be standard parent's evenings. They are also required to give you an annual report on your child's progress. It's all horribly murky and open to abuse. Our school does a lot of talking but not a lot of support is in place - or the support is what suits their set-up rather than being tailored to the needs of the child.

However I've been keeping my own records of every meeting and I now email the school. I recently sent them all our reports and highlighted the evidence which shows he is anxious/stressed in school and highlighted that his SEN is in the Social & Emotional sphere. Also that he is high risk for developing future mental health problems - so what support can they put in place to mitigate this? After prevaricating for the last 2 years this does seem to have got some action - but it remains to be seen what will be delivered on the ground. I'm now stuck in limbo waiting to see what they do - while not wanting to wait so long that all our reports/evidence goes out of date.... Don't necessarily believe the school if they say you won't get an EHCP though and do consider applying yourself.

Melawati Fri 07-Oct-16 22:40:03

on't necessarily believe the school if they say you won't get an EHCP though and do consider applying yourself.

This. Everyone (school, parent partnership, private EP) said DD wouldn't get an EHCP because she was achieving well academically. Even when she was completely unable to attend school due to anxiety.
We applied ourselves and she's just started in indie SS. Don't let people put you off applying if you think an EHCP would benefit your DC.

ZuleikaDobson Sat 08-Oct-16 08:18:19

I agree about not believing statements that a child won't get an IEP. My neighbour had a hell of a fight for her child whose school swore blind that there wasn't any problem, they could meet his needs and manage him fine and he wouldn't need a statement. That was shortly before they ended up permanently excluding the child who had no problems. He went on to get a statement and a place in a special school, though not without a long tribunal fight.

tartanterror Sat 08-Oct-16 16:03:13

melawati that's really interesting - if you got the placement on EHCP can you share info on what argument/evidence helped your case? After a couple of years of no support I insisted our mainstream school did something but it all seems to be about fitting DS into the programmes they have, rather than trying to genuinely identify and support his needs angry. I'd thought this meant I'd have to delay applying for an EHCP while we wait again so I need some encouragement to get going on the EHCP trail again! Any words of wisdom as someone who has succeeded in the system? What does your DD's placement do that's really helping?

Melawati Sat 08-Oct-16 16:50:34

She's only just started, and settling in will be a long process, so it's hard to say what about it in particular will help. But it is a specialist environment very closely matched to her needs, so it's our best shot at succeeding in a formal education environment.
What got her the placement was, sadly, a complete breakdown in her mental health. Even then, when her psych had said she was too vulnerable to attend school, our Parent Partnership told me her situation wasn't uncommon and wouldn't necessarily lead to extra support. The implicit suggestion was to home school if she couldn't cope in school.
We applied with support from the mh professionals involved in her care, who felt that home schooling wasn't appropriate. At the draft stage we were told to look for specialist provision (unit in mainstream or SS). I think it was their input that really helped, as it seemed to carry a lot of weight, particularly with the LA EP who came to assess DD and who ended up being a great ally when it went to panel.

tartanterror Sat 08-Oct-16 19:58:21

Thanks for replying. That all sounds really tough so I'm glad you/she have support now and I hope things get better soon

Buntingsmum Wed 16-Nov-16 19:03:18

I'm trying to get my DDs EHCP amended so that section F is specific for the help that we want her to get ie TA there, helping her (not woolly wording that would be met by a TA being present for a few minutes in the classroom), working with her in small groups and in a quiet place on 'bad days'. At the moment we have "A TA to support daily in the classroom during core subjects so instructions can be reinforced/consolidated where necessary" that actually OK? Could you suggest better wording please? It is just going around like nonsense in my head! Thanks

Buntingsmum Wed 16-Nov-16 19:04:29

I'm so sorry! Please ignore. I meant to start a new thread...arrgh!

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