How long did it take you to implement PECS?

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Frogandbear Tue 04-Oct-16 14:18:17

My DS is 3 and has asd. We started doing PECS within the last couple of weeks and he is (luckily) picking it up very, very quickly. We are currently working our way through the stages (I've heard there are six) and about to start stage 4. I was just wondering how long it took other people to fully implement PECS i.e. where the child is using it on a daily basis to ask for everything they need.

Also, once using PECS, did it help you child to eventually communicate verbally? My fear is that DS will become reliant on the cards and never actually feel the need to speak.

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brightbelle Wed 05-Oct-16 07:57:41

Hi my dd used PECS for a while and went through the first five stages very quickly. I can't remember how quick though, and she's not using it anymore as generally she doesn't have that many wants and now she can tell us verbally what she wants. So that answers your second question about eventual verbal communication smile I remember I had the same worry when we started that, but her speech therapist said it's a proven method to encourage verbal communication. And I heard a speech pathologist's podcast about this - she said when your child is crawling have you ever worried that he/she can't eventually walk? wink

Good luck! As your DS picked it up so quickly I think it's very promising.

Frogandbear Thu 06-Oct-16 09:38:41

Thanks brightbelle, that's really lovely to hear. smile

It makes me grin because he is SO excited about asking for things and communicating now. I just know that it will be the same if he starts talking at some point.

A quick question - does anybody know where I can purchase a PECS board? I've found the books but I would really like a board for at home.

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Olympiathequeen Sun 09-Oct-16 10:19:36

Have you considered an iPad with a good AAC app? They are very affordable and you can get free speech apps.

With such rapid progress you may find it worth doing the two in tandem as an iPad is more portable.

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