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Do I need a social worker?

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wevecomeonholidaybymistake Fri 30-Sep-16 22:54:35

Had a meeting at school about DS and the support they can offer him at school. He's AS and academically achieving, masks his anxieties at school but melts down once home.
This term has been utterly horrendous with lots of violence at home, running out the house and major reluctance to go to school. I've had to physically get him out the car and pull down the drive and into the cloakroom, he actually ran out the cloakroom the other day and I had to drag him back in crying.

Anyway, at the meeting they've agreed I can take him and pick up from the office to avoid the busy cloakroom. Also he can have an mp3 player to listen to music to drown out the chatter of the other children and can work outside the classroom when he needs to.

I've suggested we apply for EHCP as he's not coping in the mainstream environment but Ed Psych is refusing to see him as he's not got a learning delay and his AS "doesn't effect his education"

Senco told me at the meeting I need to get a social worker. I fail to see how this can help as school is what causes all his anxieties. In the holidays i have a different child as he doesn't have the pressures of school or the stress of all the other people.

I'm feeling so stressed out with it all and let down that he's being let down by being bright.

Sorry this is a ramble.

OneInEight Sat 01-Oct-16 07:21:17

It can be a good thing but not so easy to get or keep!

ds2's behaviour was very challenging before they gave us much help having dismissed many earlier referrals from school, CAMHS and even the police! One of our problems though was that at the time of the earliest referrals we did not have a diagnosis so the disability team refused to take us because he dis not have a recognised disability and the child protection team would not take us on because it was not a child protection issue.

Having said that when they were involved they were helpful in getting us appointments which led to the diagnosis and getting a statement and placement at a specialist school.

The EP is talking rubbish that his AS is not affecting his learning if it is causing him anxiety and school refusal. Nobody learns to their optimum when they are stressed. Both of mine have a statement even though they are academically bright because their anxiety impedes their learning and they need a high level of support to access the curriculum.

wevecomeonholidaybymistake Sat 01-Oct-16 08:27:52

I just seem to be hitting a brick wall with it all.

School are saying Ed Psych are point blank refusing to see him and they can't go over their head. I've spoken to inclusion support at the council who say see how it goes but he cant work outside the classroom for ever and he needs to learn to manage in the classroom environment. The SEN ta say he can't get too reliant on things like his mp3 and a weighted lap pad. The senco thinks he's an angel who is very clever so causes them no problems and would I consider a parenting course?!

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