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Wish me luck!

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Claennister Fri 30-Sep-16 08:49:34

So out of the blue, DD has decided she wants to take up the offer of a group outing to go ice skating. This is a child who walks like a newborn giraffe at the best of times, we have to buy shoes really carefully because she falls over if the heel isn't broad enough, and she's on the waiting list for special shoes from podiatry. Walking on a wet swimming pool side is done more on the backside than on the feet. She once attempted to stand up in roller skates many years ago and even with an adult on each side things didn't go very well, and after about 30 seconds she was out of the skates and in tears. She also lacks the reflex to put her hands out to break her fall, and will routinely trip and fall onto her head.

But she wants to try, and it's not often that she wants to do things with a group, so I'm trying to suppress my fears and support and encourage her, and not have visions of ambulances. It could be that the passing of years have improved things for her and she will astonish us all. Maybe...

Could use a little moral support from those who have been there.

Ineedmorepatience Fri 30-Sep-16 10:03:34

Oh gee!

Dd3 went with Brownies when she was about 9! She was actuallylike Bambi. Although she didnt actually break or dislocate anything she did fall over a million times!

She loved it though and still does, we dont go very often but she can skate quite well and its great for her core and her balance.

She puts her orthotics in her skates and off she goes.

Hope your baby giraffe loves it :-)

SweetGrapes Sat 01-Oct-16 13:01:03

Wish you luck! She will fun hopefully. If nothing else, she could sit on a penguin perhaps.
I have a giraffe too - at 15 she is now a baby giraffe thats bigger than me...

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