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3 year old with sensory issues and ridged thinking. Any advice/experience?

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LadyHat Tue 27-Sep-16 13:50:19

Hi. We've had concerns about DS2 (age 3) for a while. Our gp referred him to the local child development centre. We saw an OT this week and are on the waiting list for a paediatrician appointment. His main issues are around routine/change and sensory stuff. He is very particular about clothes (type texture etc) won't wear shorts/short selves and he says it hurts his skin, doesn't like too bright or too noisy environments. The OT said he had sensory issues and has given us some things to do with him (exercises to relax him/give him the sensory stimulation he likes-pressure stuff, and exercise to try and build up his tolerance to sensations he doesn't like.) Any other ideas for how to help him? Clothes and getting out if the house are the challenges at the moment. We gave up on summer clothes (shorts and short sleeved t shirts) and eventually got him into thin long sleeved stuff. Now the weather is getting colder and he won't wear jumper/coat/ raincoat. I did managed to get him to wear new shoes last week though! He doesn't like the feel of wind/ breeze which can make going out challenging. He hates being too hot or too cold but getting him to wear appropriate clothes is really difficult. Any advice/experience would be much appreciated. Thanks

LadyHat Tue 27-Sep-16 13:52:37

Title should say rigid thinking! Sorry must learn to proof read

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