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user1471552758 Tue 27-Sep-16 13:12:09

Hi there, just looking for a little bit of experience here.

After a couple of years trying to get help for my 5yo who has delayed speech, poor fine skills, as well as other things I notice in his daily life, (smearing faeces, looping, need for routines, lining up toys etc) and fighting the school as they do not believe any of this goes on and the teacher keeps telling me I'm being silly and that he is fine at school, so they are refusing any classroom support until he receives a statement (?) despite failing most development areas in their own reports. I've finally managed to get a paediatrician appointment which was today, and I provided picture, video evidence etc.

He feels my son has developmental delay and an unexplained as of yet, learning difficulty, and has written "(asd?)" on the bloodwork packets. He has referred us for blood, urine and genetic testing, however he has also given us a form called GARS-2. He says i must fill it in, and wait up to 4 months for the school to fill and return theirs.

The part I'm concerned about is that the paediatrician says that if what I put, and what the school puts don't tally up, they will go with whatever the school is put, and that if the school is not concerned, then that means there is no form of issue, and it will not be pursued any further. Is there any way of ensuring that I receive a fair assessment when I'm sure the school are just going to continue to say he is fine, when at home I am struggling to cope with the behaviours displayed at times. This is mainly due to the fact that he is not really verbal and will quite happily sit alone quietly at the back of the classroom for the entire day if that is what he is asked to do sad

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