Sources of equipment funding?

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Claennister Sat 24-Sep-16 18:22:46

Does anyone know places that would consider funding for equipment that a child needs for their condition? Most places I've tried exclude funding any items which are "the responsibility of a public body" so for example if the education authority, digital services or NHS ought to be funding, they won't assist. We haven't been able to get anyone to agree my daughter needs equipment simply because they "don't usually recommend" it. And if they don't supply because they claim it won't help, there's not even an appeal process where we can say they have a duty to assist because it's needed.

I am deaf myself and have all kinds of hearing assistance gadgets around the house, so she has tried out a non amplified FM system. They're designed and specifically for the ASD/mild loss/ADHD/APD market, (she has at least one of these or something like it) and we know she does well with the iSense micro. But it's not comfortable on her ear and we don't have enough transmitters for her to take one to school, I need mine. The new Roger Focus system is going to be £1,500 or thereabouts to purchase - ouch!

Will anyone take a funding application?

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