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A little help from anyone with a child with ASD/Austism?spd

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Scarlet27 Fri 23-Sep-16 16:37:55

Do any of your children with the above, Simply not interact with anyone?

I have a 3 year 6 month old daughter who will not talk to or even tolerate anyone other than me/her dad/sisters.
Shes been under pead for 6 months and has now been refered for autism assesment as shes "not nuro typical of a child of her age" his words
OT have given her a diagnosis of severe SPD covering all aspects of her life but were concerened by little to No eye contact.
Music theropy cant work with her as all she does is scream cry "get me out of here /stop looking" at me ect to me while ignoring there are people in the room.
Audiology have heard hear speak to us (parents) and have had us complete at least a little of the hearing test (again with us having to get her to do it and with her back to them and with out them talking) so they are sure its not her hearing but she was so "uncooprative" as they put it that after 3 times shes still not discharged .
She will not even interact with nan /grandad ect (she now no longer scream at them but just pretends there not there)
She has never spoken to children if they enter her personal space she is crazily distress and either stand there not moving backed in a corner crying or through her self out the way screaming (ie off the top of the slide ect).(ask her why and she says she doesnt understand them)
My main problem is Pead has said give yourself a break and see health visitor about Nursey and that there are Special (as he called it) ones available and that getting her in a nursery will forward the assessment process. (12 month wait), how do i do that with a child who will pull her own hair if touched by anyone (even her sisters ) when she doesnt want to be touched (she scrathed her leg red raw after her sister rubbed her leg by accident).
Who wont talk to anyone and will just stand and cry untill she cant cry anymore and then just sit there looking into space if you make her go into a busy supermarket/who cant walk down a busy road as she freezes if people come towards her..... all it will do is distress her even more.
Sorry for the long post just hoping someone can put my mind at ease and says they have been there/that they dont need her in nursery to asses her ect.....

zzzzz Fri 23-Sep-16 18:19:24

It sounds like there's a lot going on with her and my own mummy-opinion is that lots of what you describe reminds me of dd (who had huge social anxiety and was selectively mute) and also of my ds (who has ASD). I personally wouldn't send her to nursery but would try to introduce another adult into her life, and then build from there.

youarenotkiddingme Fri 23-Sep-16 18:49:28

Oh bless she sounds quite overwhelmed.

Specialist placements can be great in that they are smaller, quieter, sensory friendly etc.
But I wouldn't just dump and run your DD.

Could you look at a nursery, then attend with her for short periods and see if it's a possible fit. You are entitle d to spend as much time as needed to work with staff on transitioning her in.

Yiu are certainly under no obligation to send her and same with school - you can HE if you chose.

maxineronnie09 Mon 26-Sep-16 18:45:07

My son has adhd and is 11 he has just started secondary school and is suffering with anxiety which he is finding so hard he has also developed a tic where he is swinging his head to the side and rolling his eyes I'm very sure he has aspergers too just wanted to know if any other mums are going through this thank you

Msqueen33 Tue 27-Sep-16 13:18:54

I have a daughter of the same age. She's preverbal and is very wary of people other than me, her sisters and her dad. Even her grandparents who she sees a lot. She suffers with a lot of anxiety and much prefers to play on her own. She's diagnosed with autism. I also have a six year old with autism too.

Sounds like your little girl is very overwhelmed. My youngest goes to a mainstream preschool and she enjoys being there. Her nursery placement was a disaster as they were awful.

I've found the preschool years the hardest. Is she due to go to school next year? We couldn't do anything with my six year old at this age as she was so hard. The world around them is very scary. My six year old also struggles with noise. What for most people is a small knock on something to her it sounds like hammering. Could you try ear defenders?

Is there anything she really enjoys that you could build on? Locally they run a Duplo club here.

I found and still do as my youngest has autism is that one day at a time and just to keep going. And fit into her groove. If you want to chat feel free to pm me as the girls are the same age x

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