Confused about EHCP personal budget

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Emochild Fri 23-Sep-16 00:30:35

Dd has been school refusing for 18 months bar 1 day where she attempted to start a new school

She has an ASD diagnosis and school based anxiety

LEA had been providing home tutoring which has now stopped due to her attending the new school for 1 day

We had the MAP meeting before the summer holidays, next steps meeting is coming up
I've requested that personal budget is included in the next meeting but have been told that dd needs to qualify for category 3 funding, which she doesn't. They said school could apply for it but funding wouldn't start until April and then it would be up to the school to decide how the money is allocated

I would like, and dd is interested, in attending online school -I would then build up her social interaction through sports etc (she currently attends 1 club -I feel that given time and support I could increase this)

Pretty much been told this isn't up for discussion

So what's the point of personal budget/parent choice etc ?

They've given me a list of schools to go and visit -I've been on their websites and to be quite frank, even if they gave away diamonds as an incentive to attend, I can't begin to imagine how I'd get her to attend

She's in year 10, a bright and able person -but is currently getting zero education

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Runningtokeepstill Fri 23-Sep-16 08:45:16

Are you asking if your LA will fund a private online school, eg interhigh, first college, briteschool ?

I think at least one poster on here has managed it but I think with most LA's you'd be in for quite a fight. My LA more or less told me this doesn't happen in our area although they changed the phrasing to something more like "hasn't happened so far" when I pointed out that blanket bans on home education (which is what these schools are counted as) being named in an EHCP would be unlawful.

I can't give more information as ds doesn't want to go down this route unless his health gets worse so we didn't pursue it.

Your dd shouldn't be left with no education. Is she signed off medically as too anxious to go in? If so they should provided education out of school.

Emochild Fri 23-Sep-16 09:09:42

Because she went into school for 1 day then I've been told she has to be re-referred for medical needs tuition

It's not a long term solution as it only gives her 4.5 hours a week and only covers core subjects -she is capable of so much more than 3 gcses

Camhs are supportive of home schooling but the LA don't want to know

Interhigh is a cheaper option for them than what they are proposing

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JudyCoolibar Fri 23-Sep-16 09:16:03

If your child is unable to access school for health reasons then the LA has a duty to provide home tuition for a reasonable amount of time - normally at GCSE age this should be around 15 hours a week if your child is well enough to cope with it. You can't necessarily dictate what format the tuition comes in, but I would have thought they'd jump at online school as it's much cheaper than a tutor.

So far as the personal budget is concerned, there's nothing in the regulations that says LAs are entitled to limit access by internal policies in this way. Have a look at and the SEN (Personal Budgets) Regulations 2014. There's also a lot of stuff about it in the Code of Practice. If the LA sticks by this, ask them to cite their legal authority. They are supposed to have an internal appeal system relating to budgets, so ask about that.

Emochild Fri 23-Sep-16 09:56:56

That have said her school may consider NISAL but would be limited to English and maths due to the cost -and is up to the school

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Emochild Fri 23-Sep-16 09:57:34

I'll read those links, thank you 😊

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user1471537877 Fri 23-Sep-16 12:36:15

Hi op

I am that one parent!

DD 14 has attended Interhigh for 18 months now as part of her EHCP so they are not telling you the truth

Her funding is chaneled via our local PRU which she has never set foot in

Although our route was pretty unique I know that at the time 28 other schools or LA's were funding places either directly out of the first £6k budget or in a similar way to us

I'm quite happy to tell you which LA and person deals with us in a dm for your Local authority to speak to them

Hope this info helps youflowers

Emochild Fri 23-Sep-16 13:56:59

User that would be amazing if you could inbox me

I've actually spoken to the head of the local pru this morning and he's said that looking at her profile there's no way it would be a suitable placement for her

They offer at home learning but it's via the medical needs team -so it's the same 4.5 hours per week

Does your dd get on ok with interhigh?

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