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School help pls

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1busybee Sat 17-Sep-16 22:38:49

I am in need of some mumsnet advice. I have posted on main an then realised this page may be more appropriate! I am Currently living in north Herts area with a year 6 ds with hfa who is in mainstream school with very little support. (I have posted on here before about him). He is bright enough but loves to be in control, talks a lot and is very competitive!! Often teachers forget he has hfa and so when he takes things literally or misunderstands the social side of things it gets complicated. We also have a ds 8, currently in year 4, who has a very fluctuating hearing loss, currently baffling audiologists a bit but he wears a hearing aid which does help a bit. He also appears to have a lot of problem expressing his point of view. It's strange in that he has a good range of vocabulary but often can't find the words and will go around and around the houses to get to the point, forgetting what he is saying on the way and getting increasingly frustrated. He is currently doing really well in year 4 with his subjects but I really worry we are missing something with him and that he will need more support as he gets older, when questions are more open ended etc. We re trying to sort out secondaries but are getting In a complete muddle. Ideally we want something that will support both but they are very different. We are happy to move, within reason, for the right school but it would have to be around the Home Counties area.......or somewhere where housing was much much cheaper so we could change jobs!! Preferably state as sending two to private would mean a big downsize house wise/not feasible but I would consider if school was well suited. I have looked at more house for ds 1 and it looks fab but sending both somewhere like that would be nearly impossible and I'm not sure they could cater for this hearing/ processing problem for ds2.We also have a dd who seems to have no issues at the moment but she is still preschool. Any suggestions gratefully received!

Ineedmorepatience Sun 18-Sep-16 09:19:28

Sorry I cant help with Herts schools, you might get more help from a local closed autism support group on facebook. There are usually lots and you will get direct experience of local schools.

Good luck flowers

1busybee Sun 18-Sep-16 14:58:37

Thanks ineedmorepatience. I'll have a look for the closed groups. I wondered if anyone may be able to advice along the hearing impaired bits too really. Do you have any advice re schools anywhere in the south east?

Mumoftwinsandanother Sun 18-Sep-16 21:32:27

Hi OP, this is a private school and I know you wanted state but Egerton Rothsay in Berkhamsted in Herts may well suit both of them. Its for HFA, Dyslexia and a wide range of learning needs/spectrum issues. Not a special school but is mainstream for children with challenges. I have a DS with HFA, good language but very disordered on getting point across. Its very popular (is quite small) and runs from yr 2 to age 19 (although they don't do a-levels, they prepare DC for learning in a college type environment and you leave when you are ready to do this so I understand).

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