Boarding school for DD11 with no speech, learning diffs

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SNschoolquery Sat 17-Sep-16 21:58:31

Hello, I wonder if anyone can recommend a boarding school for our daughter.

She's 11 and currently at a day school in London where we live but we think boarding might soon be a good idea for her.

She is totally non-verbal - due to a rare chromosome disorder - but communicates via signing or a talker. She is very communicative and sociable and friendly, but can get very frustrated.

She is physically ok, apart from slightly dodgy balance, and very interested and inquisitive and keen to learn. But she can only write and recognise her name - she can't read, and while she can dress herself she can't yet do e.g. laces, or fiddly buckles as her fine motor skills aren't great.

She can also be a little hyperactive, and occasionally exhibit slightly challenging behaviour. Mostly she is lovely, but she definitely be tricky - she won't sit still and can be quite tiring to be around.

Does anyone know any good boarding schools which might fit her? Doesn't have to be too near London as we have family everywhere and are happy to travel.

Someone told me Rowdeford was good in Devizes - any thoughts?

Thanks so much in case anyone can help.

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