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Cakescakescakes Sun 18-Sep-16 22:07:46

Have you tried a timer? I use a Time Timer to show my ds that we only have to do 10 mins of homework and use a First/then board to show him that he can play iPad or have a biscuit etc afterwards. It is easier to get him to engage if he can see its for a finite time and there is a treat after. Maybe start with a couple of minutes? The Time Timer is a bit ££ but you could use a sand timer or something else clearly visual. Lots of suitable sand timers on Amazon or disability aid type websites.

Twoseventhsaweasley Sat 17-Sep-16 18:41:50

DS1 has just started year 3 in a MS school. He has a diagnosis of ASD, and the main way this affects him is anxiety.

He had a very difficult start to school. He did not really function in school at all for the first term of reception. He would not do anything but cry for a long time. This means that he missed out on the first bit of his education. This is exacerbated by the fact that he is one of the youngest in his year.

I think it is due to his anxiety that he is totally resistant to any learning or attempts to talk to him about numbers, words or anything he views as work. He will literally put his hands over his ears or ask "Why are you talking about numbers?" He will talk over me or sigh and ask if I have finished yet. This means that we can not help him at all to improve his understanding or consolidate his learning.

He frequently pretends not to understand or know about things, I think in an attempt to reduce people's expectations of him and therefore decrease his own anxiety.

Until recently I have taken a very gentle approach as I do not want to make him too anxious. However, he is falling further and further behind. He is becoming more and more resistant to learning anything.

Has anyone else experienced similar with their DC? What has worked? Any techniques or ideas?

Thank you

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