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EHCP draft.

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Violet44 Fri 16-Sep-16 23:07:25

Without wanting to go into too much detail, as don't have time, I have received ds' draft EHCP. I should be pleased he's got one but am not pleased with it. It doesn't make enough mention of his visual perception issues and motor planning issues and what can be done to help them, I was hoping he might get some OT help, but not mentioned.

His academic levels are not accurate and he's got targets for things he can already do.

What do I do now? I want him to have help, but the right help. I understand I have 15 days to reply or it says I can have a meeting and then 15 days from then, is it worth having the meeting?Can I request it to be ammended, will they listen?

They also suggest his mainstream setting is not adequate for him. Do I need to look at others, or wait for them to suggest provision? How does it work. Have rang Sendiass, hoping to get an appointment. I actually think he could manage in mainstream with right support. Want to do what's right for himbut don't know what that is.

tartanterror Sat 17-Sep-16 22:43:24

Call the AFASIC helpline and also IPSEA for advice. Have the meeting and see if you can get the changes but I've heard of people having to appeal the statement contents. I've no personal experience to share but hope someone will be along soon. Also think you should visit all schools state or private which might suit and aim to get the one which would be best for your family on the statement rather than letting someone else choose. Good luck

Ineedmorepatience Sun 18-Sep-16 16:12:53

We got to draft 4 with Dd3's statement before we agreed to finalise.

Look through the reports you have from the statutory assessment and make sure all the professional advice has been included!

Every educational need mentioned in the reports should be noted in part B and for every need there should be provision made in part F!

Also there should be provision for meeting the outcomes.

JudyCoolibar Sun 18-Sep-16 20:30:15

It probably is worth having a meeting. Take along with you a copy of paragraph 9.69 of the Code of Practice which sets out exactly what should be in each section of the EHCP, in particular the fact that section B should have a complete description of all your DS' needs and section F should have detailed and specific provision to meet each and every one of those needs.

If you're in the south I'd recommend SOS SEN's workshops on EHCPs.

Violet44 Sun 18-Sep-16 22:34:25

Thanks all, I re read it and it doesn't actually say his mmainstream, not right for him, just asks me to name schools. Going to look around? Can I really look at private schools? I think he would do better in a quieter setting but not sure a unit would be right for him. However going to try and look round some so I can make informed decision.

Also am concerned that although they list various strategies a lot of them say class teacher's responsibility to deliver, but she has 29 other children! A lot of the strategies school are already trying it doesn't feel the plan offers anything new, and it doesn't mention any 1-1 support, I was kind of hoping he might get some.

Going to ring tomorrow to get a meeting, really hope they can offer an afternoon one as I work mornings.

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