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ASD dd - very clingy all of a sudden

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brightbelle Sat 10-Sep-16 16:29:33

Hi everyone I am very puzzled and frustrated with dd's sudden change of behaviour and would love to get any advice and wisdom words from you.

DD has ASD and is always happy and smiley and easygoing. She loves to do her own things and even in group classes she tends to run around, very physical and active. Since a few days ago she has become very very clingy and wouldn't let us put her down. We have ruled out she's not well - she didn't want to eat on the first day it happened and we thought she wasn't well but she happily ate bread when daddy held her in the arms. The next day she ate her normal dinner in Daddy's arms again. At nursery it's the same didn't want to leave carers' arms. We just don't know what happened, and without knowing it it's difficult to tackle.

Today we were outside for about 6 hours and every time we tried to ask her to walk she was reluctant and screamed. I managed to hold her hands for a while and she walked with me but only for a short time. It's very tiring - she not only screamed but would bump her head as well if we didn't respond in time. She was supposed to have ballet class this morning, which she used to enjoy very much. But this morning the teaching assistant had to hold her in arms for the entire 45 minutes.

We are still trying to figure out the reason, but if anyone can offer strategies to stop that it will be great.

Many thanks!

brightbelle Tue 13-Sep-16 09:36:37

The situation remains the same. We guessed it could be she has lost her sense of security for an unknown reason. She's happy to sit on her own in a few places for example the mat in her bedroom but apart from these places she looks very distressed and needs us either to hold her hand or hold her in our arms. She has refused to sleep on her own bed and now she's sleeping on the floor. For bread and snack she's happy to feed herself but for proper meals she requests us to feed her, and refuses to sit on her chair. In terms of behaviour she looks like she has regressed to what a toddler may do? But we tested her other skills like cognitive and she's absolutely fine.

Now I recall she has been very easy in baby and toddler years - there's never been terrible 2 or any separation anxiety at all. Could it be that she has only now developed to this stage?

I miss my happy girl and it just breaks my heart to see her so miserable but I can't help her. She was really crying this morning as I dropped her at nursery. I am very worried too as she's to start school soon.

I would be grateful if anyone can share similar experience or offer advice? Thanks!

LongDivision Tue 13-Sep-16 13:45:42

Sorry your message has gone unanswered. My son is delayed in his development, and every once in a while when he's about to have a major cognitive leap / growth spurt, he goes through a period of being clingy and regressy and generally annoying. Perhaps this is what's happening? In our case it is usually lasts at least a few weeks or more, but there is always a nice reward at the end...

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