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School Transport. Am I expecting to much

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Desiree1978 Fri 09-Sep-16 15:36:03

It's my daughters second year at school. She attends a special needs school for Autism. She has a school bus that picks her up each morning. Last year she built up a really good relationship with the bus escort and made really good friends on this bus which is not easy as she has Autism. The council re-organised her bus route. Before the summer I got this letter detailing consultations with parents and school before a final decision would be made, a chance to meet with people from the council at the school to discuss changes. Well I got a letter detailing collection time and place and that was it at the beginning of August. The meeting at school was in July (I had no idea of changes at that time so didn't attend). As the letter gave no further details I assumed she was on the same bus. Well she wasn't I had to put her on a bus with complete strangers that I had never spoken to or met before in my life. I should add that my child is 5 years old. Am I being an over protective mum, I'm starting to think maybe I'm just expecting to much. Is this normal to be given so little information and just be expected to get on with it? ny advice would be great. Thank you

tartanterror Sat 10-Sep-16 20:03:27

Do you live in North East London? This has been happening local to us - complete nightmare. In our area parents are banding together through the local parents forum to make a joint complaint as the service has been even worse this year than previously. Lots of people upset with the changes to times, routes, escorts etc etc. We don't use transport but I was really shocked at how badly managed the whole thing is. So sorry to hear this is happening to you and your DD - no you are not over protective - it's an outrage!

Desiree1978 Sat 10-Sep-16 20:20:05

Hi. No I'm in sussex. It's just shocking, obviously I would never put my child in a vehicle with people I dont know. But local authority feel it's ok. A letter and a collection time is all that is needed.

Melawati Sun 11-Sep-16 09:10:44

When she first started going on the previous transport with the other escort, was there a familiarisation process? Has the council changed that? You could check to make sure the staff have the appropriate DBS, training etc to put your mind at rest. The bus routes are bound to change depending on the children using them, and drivers and escorts can move into other roles.
If you know any other parents who might have been at the meeting you could ask them if more detail was given out there than you were given in your letter. If changes are likely to happen every year at least you and DD can be better prepared next time, it must have been quite a shock for both of you not to see the familiar faces.

cansu Mon 12-Sep-16 06:58:00

I think this is pretty typical. When my ds first started on transport aged 5 I was also pretty shocked that this was expected. It worked out OK but I do understand how you feel. Parents of NT children would not be expected to do this and would want someone known to the child. For some reason LA feel that children with SN should just put up with it. most LA also put their transport contracts out for tendering each year meaning that the arrangements could change every year. We only find out if it is the same firm a few days before the start of term.

Desiree1978 Mon 12-Sep-16 08:39:32

Thanks everyone. It does seem very normal, up and down the country. I'm just surprised. There is no other situation where I wold be expected to do this. Guess we were very lucky with last years transport.

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