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Sensory processing disorder?

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needhelpplease0122 Wed 07-Sep-16 14:48:34


My DS is 2.4 and I've recently started putting things together and wondering whether I should be seeking help for him. Those of you with experience with SPD - does this sound like something I should be investigating for him or are these just normal toddler things? He's PFB in case that's not obvious :-)

- Hates teeth brushing
- Hates hair washing
- Hates hair cuts
- Hates having face wiped
- Hates water he can't control e.g. the sea, a shower, even heavy rain
- Hates having his fingernails/toenails cut
- Won't walk barefoot on sand, only just tolerates barefoot on grass
- Unsure in new environments, gets very clingy
- Food aversions - won't eat meat in any form, recently won't eat fish pie or rice dishes e.g. risotto, curry.
- Food has to be just the right temperature, can't be too hot or too cold. Now refuses yoghurt which he used to love because it is too cold.
- Loves to ride sit on toys around the garden and house, but doesn't show much interest in pressing pedals when on a trike
- Recognises and enjoys routines, but also enjoys trying to make his own agendas too

He used to hate painting, playing with water and sand but now enjoys all of these things. He's enjoying learning how to make marks with chalk.

He's generally a happy, settled little boy who attends nursery full time and they've not raised any concerns. They say he eats well at nursery but I don't see evidence of this at home when I try and serve similar meals. He plays well alongside other children and enjoys watching them and copying what they do to learn.

He doesn't have much speech, but what he does have is coming thick and fast with new words every other day if not every day. Most of it is only recognisable to those who know him well (family and nursery staff) and we hardly ever get the ends of words, only the beginnings. Some objects have alternative names which sound nothing like what they actually are!

Am I worrying unnecessarily? He's not had his 2 year check yet so should I mention my concerns then?


BackforGood Wed 07-Sep-16 23:30:29

I would certainly mention it at his 2 yr check, but I am reassured by the fact the Nursery don't have concerns and that he eats everything there - I would expect the eating to be everywhere if it were a real issue, rather than him playing you after some fussiness. The fact he now is happy to do water play, sand and painting now he has got used to them also suggests there is no issue other than being a little cautious with new things. You could chat with the Nursery and see if they can set up a sand tray on the floor and get children to have bare feet, to see how he is there.
I think 5 out of the first 6 probably apply to 80 - 90% of toddlers.

needhelpplease0122 Wed 14-Sep-16 13:37:45

Thanks very much. It's comforting to hear that not many toddlers like the first 5/6 things! Good idea about sand, I'll ask if that's possible.

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