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Template for requesting EHCP assessment?

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Laurajay84 Sun 04-Sep-16 14:59:28

Looking to kick-start the EHCP process for DS. Is there a website that has a letter template for requesting an EHCP assessment?

Thanks very much

Friolero Sun 04-Sep-16 15:03:50

The Ipsea website has loads of useful info, and has a template letter here:

zzzzz Sun 04-Sep-16 16:18:48

I just sent an email saying we'd like to be assessed and they sent us forms by return.

Nb start a log with time and date of every action you take. The clock starts from this first contact.

JudyCoolibar Mon 05-Sep-16 13:58:13

I like SOS SEN's information sheets and template -

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