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Pre draft and planning meeting

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HHH3 Tue 30-Aug-16 22:46:17

Just a quick question really...

Had a call from the LA SEN officer on Thursday saying she was sending out the pre draft for me to look at. Planning meeting is Weds 7th.

I still haven't received it. Rang her today to find out if something has happened and she said it's been sent. Said to ring back tomorrow if it still doesn't arrive (presumably if it hasn't she'll send out another copy which I doubt I'll get til at least Friday as they always send 2nd class).

It's starting to get very close to the planning meeting. It's the summer holidays so time to myself is really limited and I need a decent amount of time to go through it/cross ref with reports etc.

So at what point do I say it's too tight and I want to delay the meeting? I'm not going into it until I'm absolutely sure what I want to say. But I also don't want to be unreasonable.

Everything has been pretty straight forward so far but, knowing what this county is like, I think things are about to get bumpy expect to see me around a fair bit soon!

NotMe321 Tue 30-Aug-16 23:53:44

Can you get her to email it to you? I would have thought if you don't have it by Friday then it is too late. You're likely to need at least the weekend to go through it.

Have they done a full assessment and/or asked you whether you agree to use reports already in existence? An awful lot of LAs seem to be leaving that out of the process.

HHH3 Wed 31-Aug-16 00:04:56

I asked earlier but she said they don't like to send them by email as it's a legal document! Although my plan is to try and push her to do that if it doesn't arrive tomorrow. But yes, I think I agree that Friday is probably the latest I'd be happy with. I'm going to struggle as it is with having such little free time.

All assessments done. It's been very plain sailing so far. This bit is very unlikely to be as easy though and I must have enough time to go through it.

HHH3 Wed 31-Aug-16 13:43:52

Well, I've received it both electronically (after I kicked up a fuss this morning) and in the post just now.

Not happy at all. Will be starting to go through it all this evening.

NotMe321 Wed 31-Aug-16 14:01:09

I asked earlier but she said they don't like to send them by email as it's a legal document!

What nonsense. If the courts and tribunal can send legal documents by email, for sure local authorities can. Glad you've got it at last.

HHH3 Wed 31-Aug-16 14:11:04

Yeah I know...and would've argued that point if I hadn't had any joy this morning. She did seem to 'forget' yesterday that they can send things on a secure server!

If I didn't have a load of toilet paper in I could use it instead though! Bloody awful (not that I expected any better)angry

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