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Top tips of all kinds requested! Son with ADHD about to start MS secondary - aargh!

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Cushun Fri 26-Aug-16 12:24:22

DS1 has just turned 11, and has ADHD and dyslexia, so a triple whammy of immaturity, disorganisation and inattention. Plus hyperactivity and impulsivity of course smile.

We are meeting with the SENCO a week before he starts (next week- eek!), so will talk things over with her then, and expect there will be allowances made for him at school about forgetting equipment, poor presentation etc.

However, what practical things can we do at home to make things as easy on him and us as possible?

We already supervise him packing school bag the night before. He has a desk where all school- related things go and where he sits to do homework (which is a huge struggle for both of us).

So, any other ideas, relating to any aspects of school/teenage life?
Thank you in advance smile

PolterGoose Fri 26-Aug-16 21:03:28

My ds is autistic, not ADHD, but many organisational problems!

Ds keeps his pencil case and calculator in his bag all the time.

He has a folder (poppered poly envelope thing) for every subject.

We have a cupboard in the dining room where these live.

When he gets home his bag is unpacked for him and I check everything is in the right folder.

I do a few copies of his timetable and laminate them. One for his bag/blazer pocket and a couple of spares near the folders in the cupboard.

He has a plain black school bag but I bought a bright green PE bag and lunch/drink things so there's a colour theme.

He doesn't have a locker as it requires more organisation, he just carries everything all day.

Part of his support is having a 1-1 mentor session with an LSA first thing every Monday, it's a chance to discuss upcoming week and address problems.

Ds does nearly all his homework on a Sunday morning. He's too exhausted in the evenings, though he does some at school in the library which helps.

All homework is on epraise so I can check what needs doing and when by. If your ds struggles to write homework down and school don't have an IT system thing that you can access make sure someone will either check he's recorded it or record it for him.

EwanWhosearmy Sat 27-Aug-16 10:58:28

expect there will be allowances made for him at school about forgetting equipment, poor presentation etc.

Sadly, IME, there is no allowance ever made. I got sick of reports every year that DS was disorganised and forgetful angry.

Can't suggest anything that you aren't already doing. Just be prepared for the fact that they have so many different teachers at secondary that some don't seem to get the memo that your child has ADHD and will not present like the 29 other kids in the class.

PolterGoose Sat 27-Aug-16 12:12:27

Ds has LSA support in about 75% of his lessons which helps make sure teachers are aware, and any SENs should be flagged on the system.

I have found ds's tutor to be amazing, if there's a problem I email and it gets sorted. Some teachers email me too. Ds struggles to articulate his needs in class so needs me to mediate, school are fine and supportive of this. He has permission to go to the SEN 'block' any time he needs to.

Pootrouble Sat 27-Aug-16 14:47:48

Dd has adhd and started high school last year. Some allowances were made but only after repeated talking to her teachers by her mentor. Still at parents evening the teachers commented that she was disorganised and 'flighty' etc. There's a homework club after school every night so I get her to do as much hw as she can there. She's also heavily involved in as many sports as possible so that helps with her confidence and keeps a lid on some of her hyperactivity. Label everything!!!!! Dd has lost lots of things. She has just started a medication trial which I'm just about to post about.....

PolterGoose Sat 27-Aug-16 16:00:22

Something to consider is how you word/phrase your requests.

Don't ask for allowances, ask for support to meet needs and reasonable adjustments.

Cushun Sun 28-Aug-16 17:37:16

Excellent, thanks all.

Polter I appreciate your suggestion regarding language especially. DS will apparently have a learning mentor, but doesn't need an LSA, so his needs won't be obvious in that way.

Ewan and Poo - this is one of my main concerns - that DS will always be getting told off for forgetting stuff/being disorganised, when he does really try his best.

I'm hoping DS will join clubs, and will label everything I can.

What do you think of a really quick email to his teachers once we know his timetable, just to say that DS has some additional needs, and I am happy to answer any questions they have? Too much?

Thanks again.

Pootrouble Tue 30-Aug-16 14:12:23

Yes I would email his teachers, just explain very briefly (I'd do a one liner) about his needs and then say if they have any issues to contact you. That should then show that you are open to communication

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