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ds aged 6, tourettes, adhd and now ocd diagnosis

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darlingbabs Wed 24-Aug-16 09:12:52

Hi there, my 6 year old has recently been diagnosed with all 3 and had degenerated significantly since the end of last term. I am slightly at my wits end so thought if I could find some people who have experienced similar situations they might be able to tell me what helped and what didn't? Also if there is anything else you can tell me about that helped your child that would be amazing. We are currently working our way through various drugs (equasymn and concerta for adhd have made no difference and nor has clonidine for the tics) and are about to start on the UK version of adderall and an antipsychotic for the tics/ocd. Any insight from your experience would be gratefully received. Many thanks, caroline

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