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frankiebuns Fri 12-Aug-16 13:46:29

My ds 6 has spd and aspergers his senory issue is off the acale for food! How do i get the forms for dla? He also has hypermobility meaning his legs hurt after walking along way he walks slow and is generally behind hiz peers exce0t fpr knowledge. He sleeps in our room as he refuses point blank to sleep in his. Do u think we a qulify and b wht questions will they ask

unweavedrainbow Fri 12-Aug-16 14:04:04

Here's a link to the DLA forms dla forms You can print them out and send them in, but if you request a form over the phone they backdate it to the date of the phone call whereas if you print and send it's only backdated to the date they receive the form.
As for qualifying, DLA is based on how much care your child needs comparatively to a non-disabled child of the same age. Are there speech problems? Can he be aggressive? Does he have a sense of danger? Does he need help at night? That sort of thing. It's largely a functional (how much help do they need?) rather than a diagnostic (what diagnoses do they have?) benefit, so you really do need to explain in detail how much care he needs.

frankiebuns Fri 12-Aug-16 16:13:24

Thankyou i have to dress him feed him clean him up he has a wander lust he is restless at night and easily falls out of bed he takes ages to unwind and fall asleep

PolterGoose Fri 12-Aug-16 16:13:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Shootingstar2289 Fri 12-Aug-16 20:40:45

FYI. If you ring them for a form the payments will be backdated from the date you rang them, if you send them back within eight weeks that is.

If you print. They will pay from the date they receive the form.

Good luck!

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