EP open to ABA for tribunal?

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amunt Tue 09-Aug-16 22:50:22

Having trouble finding one. Tried all these, but no availability or not getting back to me.
David Urani
Ruth Birnbaum
Alan Willis
Lisa Blakemore

Any ideas? The tribunal is not until January, but starting to get a bit worried.

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BuffySENsational Tue 09-Aug-16 23:13:14

I'm about to meet an EP in Essex called Josephine Durling who was recommended to me by SOSSEN she is an experienced EP at Tribunals. Her email is j.durling@btconnect.com

amunt Wed 10-Aug-16 22:18:24

Great, thanks BuffySENsational!

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pastizzi Wed 10-Aug-16 22:46:46

Peter Parkhouse is a fantastic EP, open to ABA. Friends of mine used him for their tribunal, v successfully

amunt Thu 11-Aug-16 14:46:14

Thanks Pastizzi!

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mommmy90 Mon 26-Oct-20 16:22:15

Hi Buffysensational, I need an EP report for my son's EHCP and was referred to Josephine Durling. Please can you let me know what was your experince with her? He fees are steep. (2000 pounds for a cognitive assessment) I want to get some idea before I make up mind.


LemonGoby Wed 28-Oct-20 23:05:48

Persist with Allan Willis if you can. He is open to ABA and very good.

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