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Any other three year olds out there?

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Msqueen33 Tue 09-Aug-16 21:18:05

Anyone out there with a three year old? My second dd has been diagnosed with autism. I know no one locally who has one dc with autism let alone a second. And most people I know have nt toddlers which is quite painful to be around.

Laurajay84 Tue 09-Aug-16 23:11:15

Yes, over here! smile

My son turned three in May. I also feel quite isolated in that I don't know anyone else with a child with autism. Considering the rate of autism is so high - where are all these other children hiding??? grin

Msqueen33 Wed 10-Aug-16 07:19:09

That's what I was wondering. Locally I don't know anyone with a child with autism. Like you say the rate is really high and it's really comment. Unless they're hiding at home. What's your little boy like? 🙂

Laurajay84 Wed 10-Aug-16 10:45:11

He is lovely and actually very easy going (although I may be jinxing myself there!!) His main issues are some sensory but mainly speech and interaction, he is non verbal and it terrifies me. We have recently started doing some ABA with him to help him to talk. He'll be starting nursery in September - that terrifies me too. grin

Is your DD in nursery yet? Did I read somewhere that she was non verbal too?

Msqueen33 Wed 10-Aug-16 12:38:17

Your son sounds like just my dd. She's pretty easy going and sweet though feisty. She was diagnosed with coeliac disease which made her quite poorly. She does say some words but not loads and not in the way a three year old should speak so the professionals say she's non verbal. She has probably about ten or so words. Her issues lie with sensory issues, she jumps and climbs a lot and likes other kids but mainly keeps herself to herself. She's got two older sisters but they're very close in age so don't play with her too much. Her middle sister has autism aswell and never really took to her younger sister. Our middle dd has really come on though. She use to scream a lot, verbal skills were poor and I never imagined I could get her into mainstream but she's doing really well. She's fiery still and has her moments at being difficult but she's a different child now so that gives me hope with my youngest. The biggest thing that scares me is that she might never properly talk.

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