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Potty training

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HHH3 Wed 13-Jul-16 17:56:29

Have been reading the long potty training thread on another board and I think I've got myself totally confusedconfused

DS2 is 3.7 and still in nappies. He has a severe speech disorder (amongst many other things) but he's able to communicate with me because I understand him. Not really anyone else though. His receptive language is delayed, although not massively, but 8 months ago it was age appropriate so he's starting to fall behind. Generally he's met all his milestones either late or the late end of normal.

As far as potty training goes...he occasionally tells me when he's done a wee or a poo. He likes to sit on the toilet sometimes and when he does he'll strain and strain until he produces a few drips. I did have one short attempt at potty training a couple of months ago but he had no idea when he needed to go and was surprised every time he wet himself.

But reading the other thread everyone is saying to just do it, take away nappies and don't give up. And now I don't know what to do. I thought they had to be aware before they needed to go to successfully potty train. Have I got that wrong? Should I just be going for it or should I be waiting?

zzzzz Wed 13-Jul-16 20:22:52

Well he is aware if he tells you when he has done it and can squeeze out drips on the loo. grin Honestly? It's a bit of a heave but manageable with language disorder in our case. That thread is particularly horrid but people ARE about potty training.

My own opinion is that children who can, will be pretty reliably peeing in the toilet in a couple of days or so if you work at it and that is all you are doing for those days. If that doesn't work I think it far better to stop and wait a few months and then try again then keep banging on getting exhausted and disheartened.

It is particularly weird how differently you feel once it's worked. Totally empowering for both of you.

venys Wed 13-Jul-16 20:32:11

We started our son with Global Developmental Delay at the same age and before he had much speech and was surprised at the results. The specialist HV said to have a toy or something in the loo to give them motivation to be in there. We started with cloth training pants (Flips as they are the most absorbant -can hold a full wee and were good for the school bus). We would just take him every couple of hours which progressed to three hourly eventually. He always did a poo falling asleep so we had nappies on for that time. But one day all of a sudden he started going after school so we sit him down then. For a whilw he would always ask to go to the toilet when out and about as it was an event rather than needing to go. He now only tells us occasionally he needs to go but we still manage to have very few accidents. I think just go for it. You may be surprised.

Javabeansaintgeorge Thu 14-Jul-16 15:21:55

my child is just being able to tell me that he needs to go, he's 9 with asd and language delay, until this year he wasn't even able to use EC cards to tell us what he wanted.

I will be training soon if it continues.

There is not rush or panic people will understand even if those on mumsnet don't.

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