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Possible ASD?

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user1468310372 Tue 12-Jul-16 09:27:00


Just looking for some advice / experience as in a first time mum so not sure if I'm overreacting.

My son is 17.5 months old, he doesn't point, or wave, has no real words and limited babble. His babble mostly consists of mamamama, aaaaaa and some humming noises. He is also inconsistent with answering to his name and doesn't follow many verbal commands- he will hold my hand if I ask him to, or brush his teeth if I ask him to (but I also have to pass him the tooth brush). He will completely ignore me at times when he's engrossed in toys or tv. He likes to open and close things a lot but doesn't get upset if you stop him doing it.

He walked just after 12 months. He will give high fives and shakes his head to say no. He also copies me do things such as we have a dog and he will go into the dog's cupboard and get his food and put it in his bowl (not when asked to just when he feels like it).

He is super affectionate with me, his dad, grandparents, even great grandparents. Loves hugs and cuddles. Although he doesn't point he will look at things and then look up to me and smile. He will sit and read with me and will occasionally bring toys to show me. He will initiate games such as peekaboo. We have a few of those 'that's not my' books and he has copied me when I've shown him to touch the fuzzy/rough parts etc. He will also pull flaps down in the books and likes to turn the pages. He's very physical, loves to climb, run etc. He can feed himself with a spoon. He laughs when I sing songs to him and watches me intently, but doesn't join in with actions etc.

His communication skills do seem quite far behind though - everyone keeps telling me it's just boys and he'll catch up. We're probably guilty if letting him watch too much tv so I've stopped TV time completely.

Does anyone have any experience of their child just being a 'late bloomer' or should I be pushing for him to be referred for an ASD assessment or SALT?

TIA : )

2boysnamedR Tue 12-Jul-16 17:36:09

Have you looked up the M chat test for toddlers? See how he does with that first.
I think if your worried you should listen to that and mention it to your Dr or health visitor.
Also if you can find it online there's a 'early language monitoring tool' and some other thing that's name totally escapes me that you can use to check off what he can / can't do.

Keep looking back every month to see if these skills are being added to in his skills.

It could be something or nothing but if your worried don't ignore thay

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