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Anyone know how an EHCP application works in an independent school with zero sen support?

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milothemonkey Mon 04-Jul-16 09:07:32

Dc is 5 and coming to the end of Reception. He has an ASD diagnosis and is likely to get a dyspraxia diagnosis too. I feel in the next academic year his needs will become more obvious. School are shockingly shit at helping him and I have had to do all the leg work in suggesting things to his teacher. I'm pretty sure his needs won't be met.

I have two options:
1. Keep him where he is and ask for funding for OT, SLT, Physio. I'm not sure they will cover fees?

2. Find a specialist school.

Does the current school need to demonstrate they have spent money to meet his needs? If they have spent bugger all, how does this affect any provision?

zzzzz Mon 04-Jul-16 09:47:15

There's a third and fourth option

3) move him to a state mainstream. This would be my recommendation as support and inclusion is vastly superior to what you might think. Choose your school carefully.

4) keep him down a year and see if an extra year of reception help emotional development and allows you to research things a little more carefully as it is now very late in the year to be looking for schools.

milothemonkey Mon 04-Jul-16 11:02:48

I have thought about state provision and there is a good school with very good provision from what I have heard. He attended a state nursery and couldn't cope with the class size - he became very anxious, hitting, clung to his teacher. Even in a class of 15 and 2 staff members, he has just about managed - still struggles with sharing, annoying the kids as he doesn't get social rules. I'm worried that if I transfer him to the state school (currently 24 kids on waiting list), he'd struggle. Then, I'm not in a better situation (except financially).

zzzzz Mon 04-Jul-16 11:29:32

Can I pm you?

milothemonkey Mon 04-Jul-16 11:46:24

Yes please!

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