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Assessments for EHCP and summer holidays

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HHH3 Fri 01-Jul-16 07:35:46

LA agreed to assess on Tuesday. As well as contacting all professionals involved they're also arranging Ed Psych, OT and Physio.

DS is at nursery and obviously there's only 3 weeks left of term. In September he'll be starting at a new nursery.

What are the timescales for the assessments to be done? 3 weeks is cutting it fine but I'm not sure assessing him when he's just started at a new setting in September is a good idea. He'll be very compliant at first as it's all new so they won't get an accurate picture of him. Once he feels comfortable there he'll be a very different child!

zzzzz Fri 01-Jul-16 07:51:38

More like 20 weeks (including holidays). Who told you an ehcp assessment could be completed in 3 weeks? What date did you/school apply to be assessed? It's really important to keep track of the dates as the clock starts clicking from that point.

HHH3 Fri 01-Jul-16 08:12:25

No, no - I'm not expecting the whole thing done in 3 weeks. I'm wondering how long they have to do the assessments. They agreed to assess in 5 weeks, I know they have 20 weeks in total but that's to come up with a draft and finalise as well isn't it? Not 20 weeks just to complete assessments. So at what point do they have to get the assessments done and decide whether they'll issue an EHCP?

It was me who applied for it.

zzzzz Fri 01-Jul-16 08:26:38

From my VERY limited experience, doing it ourselves and reading here, people seem to get it on the deadline (or in a couple of cases later angry )

Has he seen all the profs you think are appropriate? If so they just gather all the reports and then review them.

HHH3 Fri 01-Jul-16 08:34:34

Thanks for the link - that's really helpful. So they have until week 14 which is 30th August. Which means any assessments that need to be done/him observed at nursery need to be done before the end of term.

He's only seen SALT and CDC. The others are what the LA are requesting.

zzzzz Fri 01-Jul-16 11:15:36

Who are CDC?

Are both those behind the process?

HHH3 Fri 01-Jul-16 12:06:47

Child Development Centre - where he saw the paed and was then referred to genetics.

SALT are behind it. Haven't seen CDC for a few months so they don't know about it.

zzzzz Fri 01-Jul-16 12:41:30

So you have a peas report, a salt report, a salt report and genetics (though I suppose may not be through in full). Ask school if they can get a Edpsych in before the end of term.

HHH3 Fri 01-Jul-16 13:03:04

Yes, SALT and paeds reports. SALT are now going to do a proper assessment.

Genetics appt and bloods were done after the application had already gone in and now waiting for results. Although I've kept the LA updated about what's happening.

LA are arranging Ed Psych (guessing this is the most important one to do at nursery). Not sure if nursery could arrange it but I can find out.

zzzzz Fri 01-Jul-16 13:31:08

Nursery could phone and ask for a date wink

HHH3 Fri 01-Jul-16 13:31:47

Good plan. I'll suggest that!

Spottytop1 Sat 02-Jul-16 08:05:44

When they agreed to to assess a 12 week meeting should have been agreed. This is the meeting where the draft is discussed between professionals, parents & LEA.
However usually they do not agree to assess until they have a completed EHCP request ( that highlighights needs etc) have they received this and agreed to assess? I ask as timescales depend on the exact stage you are at now.

Spottytop1 Sat 02-Jul-16 08:06:45


HHH3 Sat 02-Jul-16 08:24:10

Yes, it's been to panel and they've agreed to assess. She did mention a meeting but didn't say when.

JudyCoolibar Sat 02-Jul-16 08:33:33

They have 20 weeks from when the request to assess went in, so if they took 6 weeks to make the decision to assess they have another 14 weeks from now. However, there's something in my mind about a 4 week time extension over the summer holidays if they need more information from the school.

HHH3 Sat 02-Jul-16 08:35:07

Do you know if that extension only applies for getting more info from schools? Because he's starting a new setting in September so that wouldn't really apply in our case.

Spottytop1 Sat 02-Jul-16 09:01:23

It's for getting all the advices in as over the summer educational professionals are not as accessible.
I would ask the nursery to chase up the 12 week meeting date as it is always planned in advance ( the request form asks for potential dates)

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