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how to I get a statement changed

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buttertoffee Sun 26-Jun-16 10:35:03

I need some help.

DS is in Y3, working on P levels and barely made progress this year. He has a statement with 15h 1:1 in a MS setting. I want his 1:1 support increased to full time or a SS place as the current setting is clearly not working. School disagrees as he is making progress (tiny though). AR is in 2 weeks and I will discuss it but firmly expect to be fobbed off. How do I go about it. Statement was issued in reception and I cannot appeal it anymore. what would the procedure be to get the contents of the statement changed? thank you.

Ineedmorepatience Sun 26-Jun-16 16:02:17

You get the opportunity to appeal after every annual review so if the LA wont agree to what you are asking for, appeal!

buttertoffee Sun 26-Jun-16 16:58:45

ah thanks. that is clear then. didn't know that you can appeal after every AR.

Ineedmorepatience Sun 26-Jun-16 18:06:41

Yes because technically they are issuing a new statement after each AR even if they dont agree to change anything.

Good luck 💐

buttertoffee Sun 26-Jun-16 18:25:21

thanks smile

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