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School trip/walking advice needed

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Kitkatandcake Wed 22-Jun-16 13:05:42

Not really sure who to ask for advice but my youngest is 3 and her nursery want to start taking the kids on trips. I'm happy for her to go but I'm not sure how it'll work. She has hyoermobility and struggles to walk far at all. She can run around plenty, so I don't know it's an energy thing although she tires easily. This trip is 2:1 ratio child:adult and they'll be using wrist reins. My dd will refuse to walk with me but may be different with them. If she tires would I be ok to ask they carry her? Presumably they can't take a pushchair for her but I really don't think she'll manage even the 2 hours walking around the park/zoo. It makes me wonder about school trips next year as these are all day trips and she'll have to walk a lot. Does anyone have any advice/experience? I may be able to go with her but then I would definitely end up carrying her all day.

Friolero Wed 22-Jun-16 13:43:19

I would talk to them about it and see what they suggest - they may feel that taking a pushchair is the best option as I doubt they'll want to carry her the whole time. Why do you think they wouldn't take a buggy?

zzzzz Wed 22-Jun-16 18:32:46

Highlight your concerns regarding her stamina due to her hyper mobility (enclose some info if you have it), say you are really happy for her to go but would like to know how they are differentiating for her disability. (They will probably take a pushchair wink )

Kitkatandcake Wed 22-Jun-16 19:31:10

Thanks for the replies. I'm not sure why I assumed they wouldn't take a pushchair. I'll have a chat with them tomorrow about it and see what they say smile

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