Puberty resources for SEN?

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sarrah30 Sun 14-Aug-16 13:21:13

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PolterGoose Tue 21-Jun-16 21:27:44

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Claennister Tue 21-Jun-16 20:23:17

I'm looking for something my daughter can usefully relate to about puberty. Everything I've investigated so far seems a bit dry and wordy, or includes confusing and ill explained references to sex. I'm looking for simple pictures, videos, cartoons to take her through the basics of periods. She has finally grasped the other aspects of "turning into a lady" but I don't see much improvement in remembering what we have discussed around periods. I don't want her thinking she's going to die when she starts bleeding.

I'd like to reference what periods are and what they do, but really it's about the practical side, carrying supplies, how you use them, when to change them, etc. We bought a teen starter pack with supplies in it and we looked at the stuff. Pads are Sufficiently similar to incontinence pads for her to understand but I help her with those as she only uses them at night. When I can't give her exact details of when this will all happen, she just consigns the whole conversation to her mental dustbin, the next day it's as if it never happened. A quick and relatable cartoon video about a girl growing up and changing would be awesome but I can't find one. If she could relate this process to a person (real or fictional) of relevance to her, it will click. If she doesn't let the character into her world, she won't register what happens to them.

I'm sure this is tricky for everyone, but there's an extra mismatch when it's not teen angst and puberty but instead it's My Little Pony and Tampax.

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